Theta Meditations

Theta Meditation is the ultimate meditative practice which helps us achieve and maintain the elusive Theta brain frequency resulting in a very deep and most effective meditation one can have.

I call it: "The Game Changer".

Our brain's electromagnetic frequency changes throughout the 24-hour cycle. From Delta (sleep) to Theta (between sleep and awakened state) to Alpha (relaxed) to Beta (fully alert) - and then as we are getting ready to go to sleep it slows down to Alpha then to Theta and Delta. The Theta state is between 4-8 Hz. While it happens naturally twice a day, it is difficult to achieve it on demand (unless you know how), let alone maintain for several minutes.

Theta meditation is super effective because of the amazing properties of the 8 Hz frequency.  In this deep meditative state your consciousness merges with the Quantum Field where your can heal your mind and body; visualise and create your future; reprogram your unconscious mind by replacing old habits with the new ones; receive guidance and insights from your Higher Self, other dimensions and spiritual realms; and completely rejuvenate as 20 minutes of this meditation can refresh you as much as eight hours of sleep.


Why is the 8 Hz frequency so special? Science gives us some clues:

  • The “Heartbeat of the Earth”, known as Schumann Resonance, is at 7.83 Hz 
  • The human DNA is said to pulsate at 8 cycles per second (8 Hz) during replication
  • Quantum physics tells us that electrons oscillate (appear and disappear) between this dimension and the Quantum Field 7.8 times per second (7.8 Hz). 
  • Healers have been found slowing down their brainwaves to 8 Hz and entrain their patient's brainwaves to the same frequency to allow the healing
  • It is believed that the pineal gland – the door to our Divinity - pulsates at 8 Hz

In the Theta state:

  • Your consciousness merges with the Quantum Field (the Matrix)
  • You can access other dimensions and realms
  • You can be put in a hypnotic trance and walk on fire – as you conscious mind is bypassed and you are highly impressionable. The door to your unconscious mind is wide open.
  • Your creativity, intuition, extrasensory perception and psychic abilities are significantly heightened

There is a growing consensus in the western world that 8 Hz is the frequency of the Quantum Field; a secret password that removes the veil between dimensions. This sacred and secret knowledge has been known to many ancient civilisations for thousands of years as they regularly engaged in shamanistic rituals designed to induce trance – effectively a Theta state – to connect with the Spirit and gain information and insights from other worlds.

Many people who have worked with my Theta Meditations have reported their high effectiveness, often experienced for the very first time after years of meditative practice using standard techniques which provided nothing more than deep relaxation.

There are no Binaural Beats in my Theta Meditations. The brainwaves entrainment to Theta is induced naturally by my unique techniques and energy employed in the recordings. These guided meditations incorporate background music, Tibetan singing bowls and a voice over with plenty of music-only space for your own energy work in the Quantum Field.

Please note:  The Instructional Theta Meditation is no longer available.


"Creating Your Future" Theta Meditation will take you deep into the Theta state where you can create in the Quantum Field your ideal future and desired outcomes that will manifest in your physical reality.

Released: 10 January 2019




"Creating Abundance" Theta Meditation will take you deep into the Theta state where you can create in the Quantum Field any type of abundance you wish to manifest in your life.

Released: 11 January 2019




"Healing Your Relationships" Theta Meditation will take you deep into the Theta state where you can heal at the energy level your relationships – romantic, family, business and friendships - that are painful and not working well.

Released: 16 January 2019



A Value Pack of 3 Meditations is also available.


New meditations will be added here in the next few weeks.


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