Theta Meditation Class

I have been teaching Theta Meditation for many years in my coaching programs, my podcast and audio recordings. I have now decided to run regular Theta Meditation classes in Melbourne.

Theta Meditation is a highly effective meditative practice as it helps you achieve and maintain an elusive state of mind (Theta) that you need for deep meditation. In this state, your consciousness merges with the Quantum Field – the Cosmic Matrix  where you can heal your mind and body, visualise and create your future, receive guidance and insights from your higher self, other dimensions and spiritual realms, and completely rejuvenate as 20 minutes of this meditation will refresh you as much as eight hours of sleep.

To create this amazing experience and service for our clients and customers, we have teamed up in a mind-body-spirit collaboration with Forever Exotic – a Melbourne company whose motto is: “To make the modern world a more natural place”.  They specialise in salt crystal lamps, crystals and many other things natural, healthy and beautiful. I couldn’t ask for a better synergy! To find out more about Forever Exotic please visit  their website at

For all levels from beginners to advanced – you will LOVE this amazing experience as it is unique, like no other, opening up all your senses…an experience you’ll never forget….You’ll be sitting in a room of pure, high energy vibrations…scented with aromatic essential oils…surrounded by dozens of beautiful, glowing salt lamps and gorgeous crystals – the best meditation environment you could ever ask for!

The one-hour class begins with an overview of the benefits of meditation – specifically Theta  Meditation – and the process of achieving a Theta state. The session focus is introduced and briefly discussed with the group. I will then gently guide you through the meditation against a soothing musical background and  the soul-opening harmonics of the singing bowls.The class concludes with a debrief and discussion on the group experience.

Each week’s meditation will have a different focus – healing, manifestations, forgiveness, connecting with your Higher Self finding your Mojo, love, abundance,  emotional addictions,  releasing stress (in random order) and many others which I will rotate over the months. After the class you will be deeply relaxed and rejuvenated.  You might also have some unusual spiritual experiences as the Theta state allows your consciousness to merge with the Quantum Field and access other dimensions.


Forever Exotic showroom at Knoxfield VIC – our meditation venue


This is a weekly Saturday class from 10 – 11 am.  Doors open and registrations from 9:45 am 

* Bookings are essential *    Age admission: 16+

Address:  1/53 Rushdale Street Knoxfield Victoria 3180.  Easy access via M3 to Ferntree Gully Road. Plenty of free parking available on site and in the street.

Please note – for this meditation you need to be sitting in a chair or on the floor – not lying on the floor.  Please bring your mat or cushion if you wish (chairs are provided).


BOOKINGS  (securely via Paypal account or credit card)

$25 per person

* * * Please note: The 15 December class has been cancelled  due to being too close to Christmas! * * *

After the holiday break classes will resume on 12 January 2019 and continue every Saturday until further notice. There will be no class on Australia Day (Saturday 26 January).

The focus of the next meditation class (12 Jan 2019) will be CREATING ABUNDANCE. (don’t miss it!)


Lucky Door Prize

We are giving away a Lucky Door Prize in the first five (5) clases ONLY.  The prize is a 1.5 hr Quantum Living® coaching session valued at $260.

The winner of the 1 December class Lucky Door Prize is Carolyn P.   Congratulations Carolyn!!

The winner of the 8 December class Lucky Door Prize is Mieke B. Congratulations Mieke!!

The remaining Lucky Door Prize dates are:

12 January 2019
19 January 2019
2 February 2019

To be in the draw – book your classes now as places are limited.

Please enter the class date

Classes can be booked in advance.  Please enter your chosen class date.


All cancellations must be submitted by email to

Cancellations received more than 48 hrs before the class will receive full refund.  Cancellations received less than 48 hrs before the class will receive credit to be used for another class in the following six (6) months.  Bookings are transferrable.

For enquiries please email Anna at  or call 1300 787 204.


For meditation downloads please go to STORE.




  1. I attended Anna’s meditation class and walked out feeling totally calm and peaceful. Anna has a beautiful voice for guided meditation and the room is so serene. The tranquil energy surrounds you as soon as you step inside the door. I have attended numerous meditation classes over the years and without a doubt, l would put Anna as number one.

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