Followed my soul guidance...

Anna is a superb coach who blends compassion, wisdom, insight, and experience into a transformational experience for her clients. I found Anna by chance and knew immediately I wanted to work with her—I’m so happy I did. She expertly and lovingly helped me transform fear, anxiety, indecision, and self-doubt into confidence, inner knowing, clarity, and movement towards a clear direction in my life, relationships, and career. Anna holds both a wealth of experience and also profound intuitive abilities—I felt extremely held and supported while working with her, while also pushed to move beyond my own self-imposed limitations. If you feel called to work with Anna, do it! It’s your soul guiding you towards the next phase of your spiritual evolution.
Courtney Giancaterino

A life altering experience...

My experience with Anna was (and is) one of the finest professional relationships ever. If one is a lifelong learner and seeker of greater personal evolvement, engaging Anna's coaching and counselling offers you a chance to get to the mountain top. Her extraordinary ability to guide your souls quest in the Universe and, at the same time, keep your boots on the ground to get things done, is an amazing-growing-doing experience - literally life altering. I have examined and/or participated with some of the most prestigious self-help practitioners - none come even close to affecting me more than Anna's work. Ultimately, it is up to you to get what you want and/or destined to do with your life.  Anna, because of all that I downloaded from her, is my last stop. Working and learning with her personally or listening to the podcast and guided meditations presented all tools and orientations necessary to launch. Blessings Anna and to all who avail themselves of her offerings and guidance.

A deep understanding of myself has banished my issues with anger...

My sessions with Anna have been the centrepiece of the reclamation of the person I always knew I could be. I had always resisted seeking external help as if it was a mark of personal failure that I might need it, and yet when things got so bad that I felt no choice but to get help, one of the first things I thought was, “why didn’t I do this earlier”?  Anna has a remarkable way of finding what you yourself can not find for yourself. At working out the deeper meaning behind the things you are doing, thinking and feeling so that you can learn the right tools to enact real meaningful change and move your life in a positive direction.  Through my sessions with Anna combined with using her meditation and journaling techniques daily, I have developed a deep understanding of myself that has helped me to banish my issues with anger, amongst other things, so that I can be a better father, husband, son and friend.  I am so grateful for everything I have learned from Anna and highly recommend her services for anyone seeking to improve themselves as a person, in whatever way that may be.

A very good experience...

Anna is a very practical and resourceful coach who gets straight down to business in an efficient and straight-forward manner. There is no fluffiness or beating around the bush in her sessions, which makes them a particularly great use of time. At the same time she is caring and thoughtful and genuinely cares for her clients and their wellbeing. She will always do everything she can to help. Through Anna's Program I have gained tools which I can use when facing difficulties in life, and some practical methods of figuring out answers on my own without external guidance as well as a reinforced sense of self and self-worth. I would recommend the Quantum Living Coaching Program to others.

A life-long emotional addiction to anger is gone...

I have struggled with what people around me called "anger" from since I can remember, I have tried to work with it and "control" it for many years, going from meditation to Yoga and back, on that quest I met Anna Anderson and after our first session together we managed to discover that this anger was actually pain in disguise, with Anna's techniques I have learnt not only to control this feeling when it arises but to acknowledge it, detach and soothe. This has allowed me to see me and my feelings from a totally different perspective that without struggling with frustration for not being able to control it, has given me a harmonious approach that has brought a lot of peace to my life.  I would highly recommend taking Anna's Program as it is a life changer.

Best ever Theta meditation class...

I attended Anna’s meditation class and walked out feeling totally calm and peaceful. Anna has a beautiful voice for guided meditation and the room is so serene. The tranquil energy surrounds you as soon as you step inside the door. I have attended numerous meditation classes over the years and without a doubt, l would put Anna as number one.

Truly life changing and positive!...

After my sessions with Anna I felt a new sense of self and confidence. She reawakened my inner dreams and desires by opening up my mind to infinite possibilities. Her preparation for each session and level of professionalism was greatly appreciated. I was impressed with her methodical approach, level of understanding, and knowledge of deep metaphysical and psychological topics. I learned a great deal about myself through my sessions with Anna and would highly recommend her coaching to others. I look forward to working more with Anna in the future.

Propelled to new heights…

Thank you Anna for your excellent coaching during and between my sessions. I felt your dedication from the very first conversation! You were so insightful, thoughtful, and persistent. It is exactly what I needed at that time in my transformation. I feel that, having been coached so well, I will be able to propel myself to newer heights!

Quantum Meditations are great…..

I love Anna’s meditations, they are soooo relaxing. The customised one is even better – I love that it’s been created especially for me. It is a fantastic tool to help me de-stress, remind me to let go of any negative draining energies and to help me re-program my mind so that I can stay focussed on attracting into my life what I really want. Worth every cent! Thanks Anna.

Customised Quantum Meditation – a brilliant tool……

This is a brilliant tool!! I meditate daily so having a personalized recording has been a wonderful resource for me. It’s like sitting down and having an angel talk in your ear for 20 or 30 minutes. Anna’s understanding, intuition, and clarity are awesome. I sincerely doubt there is an issue she could not tackle. This is a must have for anyone at any point in the transformation process. I can’t recommend it highly enough!!!

Significant changes in my life…

Anna has helped me change my life for the better. The main outcomes include increased self-confidence, breaking through my limiting beliefs and blockages, learning to think outside the box and help with the organisation and structure in my life.  I rate Anna’s Quantum Living Coaching Program as excellent and would certainly recommend it to others.

My gift for the future….

Anna has done a wonderful job and is very patient. I was not exactly an easy client to deal with, but she was always accommodating. Over the time I spent with her I had learnt a lot about myself and how I influence my environment and the perception I have of the world. This I can now carry with me for the rest of my life. I have her to thank for opening up my eyes to this.

Re-ignited my spark…

Anna is very intuitive and was supportive and professional throughout the program. She has in her Magic Bag a wide range of fantastic yet very practical techniques for changing limiting beliefs which has assisted me to create better balance in my life.  The most exciting and fun thing of all is that she has re-ignited my spark as an Entrepreneur. I love the aspects of the quantum principles which also make her a leader in her field. I rate her Quantum Living coaching program as outstanding. Thank you Anna.

A better understanding of energy….

Anna is an enthusiastic coach who has extensive knowledge of the quantum (energy) field and how it impacts on you in the physical dimension. She was approachable and flexible in addressing many of my queries.  The program was tailored to my needs so it was flexible, which was very good. I have gained a better understanding of energy and its impact on the Quantum Field.  I am very satisfied with both the process and the outcomes of my extended Quantum Living coaching program with Anna.

A life changing experience…

Anna is wonderful.…A great guide, she has an amazing insight into your needs and a way about her that she can get to the underlying issues, quickly and easily. I was reluctant at first to make a leap into such training and guidance. However, it is one of the most positive experiences I have ever done. Thank you Anna, it has been a real life changing experience.

An amazing journey…

Such an amazing journey… Anna is a remarkable coach and has assisted me in opening my mind to so many possibilities instead of just being. I have gained so much self-awareness and lifelong tools to use when facing life’s challenges. I thoroughly enjoyed every coaching session and loved seeing the results of my self-development. I now have a greater understanding of my unconscious mind and how it works and I also took pleasure in experiencing and learning more about the Quantum Field. I feel empowered now I have dealt with issues from the past that created blockages and negative beliefs and were unconsciously holding me back from moving forward. Anna is a very insightful and caring coach, she creates a safe supportive environment where you can open up about your greatest fears and she will help you dismantle them. I can’t thank her enough for all the insight she has shared with me.

Amazing outcomes, worth the challenge…..

Thanks Anna. The amazing journey you have taken me on has been insightful, interesting, and at times confronting and challenging. You have given me the insight to identify my feelings and emotions and the tools to work through the blockages that I was having in every area of my life. I had made it to mid 40’s and thought I was doing ‘OK’ but realised I had been floating along with no real path in life – especially within my career. You have helped me identify my values, passion and goals and therefore regain my confidence – I now feel that I am on the way UP and not swimming around in the pit of uncertainty. Thank you for your patience, compassion and friendship through the entire process – you have given me a real gift. Your clients need to do what you advise and trust that you know what you are doing – and learn, learn, and learn some more from your experience and professionalism. If they do this, they will be enriched and come through the other end a much more stronger, insightful, confident person ready to embrace life. Thanks Anna – couldn’t have challenged myself without your help and would have kept floating along and not living the exceptional happy life that I now know awaits me.

A marked Improvement…

Anna is a very insightful and skilled coach, especially in using simple yet powerful NLP techniques to bring about thinking and behaviour changes to achieve the desired results. She is also a deeply caring coach. She has an approachable and warm style that quickly engenders a sense of trust. Thank you Anna. You created a safe and supportive environment which enabled me to talk through a particularly sensitive personal issue that I had not expected to talk about. I feel better for having done that & things have improved markedly on that front.

An enjoyable and educational experience…

I thoroughly enjoyed this coaching experience. I feel motivated and excited to use the tools I have learnt and apply them in my leadership role. Loved it!

Both personal and leadership growth…

Anna was wonderful.  The sessions were emotionally challenging but have helped me personally. These will flow through into my work as a leader in my organisation.

The blockages are gone…

When I had my session with Anna, it became evident quickly that she was skilled in her craft and I was safe with this warm, informative practitioner.  Anna helped me to be ruthlessly honest about my weaknesses & where I ‘was at’. Using her coaching, training skills & NLP techniques, it did not take very long to see what the blockages were.  I was surprised at how quickly this process took and surprised at how quickly the angst and depression lifted. I recommend Anna to anyone who wants more emotional freedom and to live life to the fullest. Commitment to remain unstuck is my choice, however… and I am determined to continue a ‘freedom from baggage’ adventure – for life!

I got my life back…

As an outcome of the coaching program with Anna, I have made significant changes in my life which are having lasting positive effects for myself and others around me. I rate Anna’s professionalism and her coaching skills as extraordinary. The quality and value for money of her coaching program are outstanding. Thank you Anna, my life is going from strength to strength because of your committed support. Your coaching has been inspirational!

Empowered decision making…..

I contacted Anna for urgent guidance in making an important decision.  She was empathetic, patient, clear and she was able to give me solid tools to guide my decision based on my current values and beliefs. The session gave me clarity and helped me to relax and make a final decision I was really happy with.  Anna was simply fantastic.  I especially loved that she worked through everything from a number of angles to ensure the right decision for me. I rate my experience of the session with Anna as 10/10 (extraordinary) and would absolutely recommend her coaching services to anyone who needs to gain clarity and find all the resources they need within themselves.

A new outlook on business and personal life…

Anna is an effective coach, able to draw me back to the point. I found I renewed former skills under her guidance and developed new skills to support my new goals.  I also found the root of some issues was resolved during the sessions. Anna has provided useful resources and further activities for me to pursue at home. I particularly found her advice on my business needs very useful, especially on my habit of procrastinating. I have become more proactive and am enthusiastic about the opportunities I can see for my future.  I am less stressed and more open to choices. Thank you Anna, the sessions with you have opened my eyes to a lot of thoughts, possibilities and outright opportunities. I would recommend Anna and her coaching services to other people I know.

Life changing…

The sessions with Anna have been life changing. They are like poetry, so intricate and gentle.  Anna has so much respect for the individual and threaded carefully as we traversed the landscape of my reality, holding me responsible for my thoughts and actions where I would normally have let myself off the hook.  Thank you Anna, these sessions have been a gift and I am truly excited to embrace uncertainty and love the journey along the way!

Thank you…

Anna has gifted me with insight into the negative thought patterns that were hidden in my subconscious …she has allowed me to once again see the positive within me that I had lost sight of …Thank you Anna for assisting me to reconnect with ME. I encourage anyone who has been drawn to Anna, don’t hesitate to act on this and connect with her. You will be gifted with a beautiful, inspirational and loving woman who will empower you and aid you to bring out your best which is already within you but just hiding!

A new outlook on my business…

I felt the need to progress by developing some newer attitudes and expectations, with the view to creating better outcomes in my work life. Anna was insightful and quickly identified some areas to focus on, and provided approaches that worked in a supportive way. The programme allowed me to focus clearly on what I need to change and to actually promote those changes. The overall coaching experience was very good, and I would recommend Anna and her coaching services to others.

Valuable insights….

While I was initially a little apprehensive about revealing my feelings and issues, the gentle, sensitive and logical structure of the session led me comfortably through to our desired outcome. The insights I gained were not only valuable in achieving a sense of well-being and empowerment at the end of the session, but valuable insights to take away for the future. My coaching session with Anna was a very professional yet personalised experience; certainly something which could enrich anyone’s life journey.

No more fear….

Thanks to my sessions with Anna, I began to face the world without fear…I really appreciate the practical coaching sessions with Anna, which taught me to see my own beauty and self-worth… I can say that Anna as a coach is a very unique person, who can truly listen and has an extraordinary insight and intuition, almost a sixth sense…


Anna’s ability to take me back to my past to determine when and how the problems have started has assisted immensely in resolving them…. as a result of our sessions, I have had a shift in my focus. I have learnt to apply “rules” to reframe from negative thinking and apply the positive…..I have the job I have always longed for and I thank Anna for this, for giving me the skills, the shift in focus, the positive outlook, the mindset on how to achieve what it is we want in life... Anna provides an environment which is safe, without prejudice, without judgment… If anyone wants evidence of Anna’s coaching success – I am it.