Terms of Use

updated 15 June 2022

All digital products are provided to the buyer via the digital file download in mp3 format.  Purchase of digital products such as audio, video, image, pdf and any other type of downloadable files is non-refundable and cancellations do not apply once the product has been successfully downloaded.  If you experience technical issues with your downloads please contact us.  Please note that large files may take longer to download depending on your internet speed so keep your browser open until the download has completed.

For downloads to Apple devices, we recommend downloading digital products to a desktop or laptop first and then transferring them to your mobile device as needed. There have been reports of download issues directly to an iphone or ipad due to Apple's restrictions on music downloads.

All digital products are protected by copyright © 2022 by Anna Anderson. All rights reserved.

All digital products are sold or gifted for personal use only. They shall not be lent, resold, hired out or otherwise circulated in any form without Anna Anderson's (The Publisher and Copyright Owner) prior consent in writing. No part of any audio recording may be reproduced or remastered in part or in whole for commercial purpose or free public broadcast without Anna Anderson's prior written permission.  Storing the purchased or gifted copy by customer on multiple devices is permitted. If you wish to use the purchased audio recording for any purpose other than your personal use, please contact us for permission and the appropriate license.

Please note: Any breach of this Notice of Rights will immediately create a negative karma for the perpetrator (ergo - it's not worth it).

Payments for workshops, webinars, online courses and classes are subject to the cancellation and refund policy specified in the event description.

Terms & Conditions including cancellations and refunds are included in The Coaching Agreement which is provided to the Client for review and signature before the commencement of the Coaching Program.

The content of this website is copyright protected.  A fair use is allowed for the purpose of social media share as well as for research and academic purposes. Where citations are used, a full credit reference with the website's URL is required.

If you are not satisfied with the quality of the products or services you have purchased, please let us know - we welcome your feedback as customer satisfaction is our top priority.



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