Quantum Shift Session
Personal Quantum Coaching

This is a powerful personal Quantum Coaching session drawing on science and spirituality. In a supportive, judgment-free and confidential environment, we will identify the issues, questions and energy imbalances you have; those you are aware of and those hidden in your unconscious mind. 

You can bring to this session any issues you are seeking to address - from major to mundane. In this session, I will give you the most appropriate remedies you'll be able to implement straight away and recommend the most suitable options for further personal & spiritual work, if desired.

This offering is designed as a single, self-contained session; however, it can be extended to multiple sessions, if needed. It may also serve as an entry point to the holistic Quantum Shift Program or as a springboard to other healing sessions that I offer. Duration: up to 2 hrs, delivered online.

Price: $297 AUD

Some of the Outcomes You Can Expect From This Session*
 - increased self-awareness and self-observation

 - greater self-empowerment
 - greater clarity about your life path, choices and options
 - identifying and addressing the key blockages on your path
 - learning some practical tools, techniques and strategies supporting the changes you are making

* results are not guaranteed and will vary for each individual

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