Quantum Shift Program
Personal Transformation Journey

This is an advanced Program at the intersection of science & spirituality, designed to shift your frequency & awareness to a higher level of consciousness, greater understanding of Life and your Soul Journey. It is as psychological, spiritual and esoteric as it is educational and practical. It is unique, cutting-edge and fun!  In a supportive, non-judgmental and confidential environment, I will gently guide you through this unique journey, fill of surprises, aha moments, liberation and joy.

This Program is for people seeking a significant change in their life. The starting point is usually a persistent issue they are struggling with in one or more areas such as relationships, abundance, health and career; persisting emotional patterns, and many others. They feel powerless and stuck, unable to achieve their full potential. Self-sabotage is often a clue. Or, they start seeking a deeper meaning of life and search for answers to the existential questions about the Universe, God, reincarnation and consciousness, yearning to understand what Life is all about.

The Quantum Shift Program's methodology is a unique blend of quantum coaching (based on quantum physics, The Law of Attraction and other Universal Laws); holistic counselling; spiritual guidance, meditation; neuro-linguistic programming (NLP); energy work; and the proprietary Quantum Protocols. I work with clients at the conscious and unconscious levels engaging both the ego and the unconscious mind. You will also be receiving supporting material via email - various models, tools and strategies I have developed over the years, so there is a significant educational component as well.

This Program is customised for each client. In addition to the core elements, it might also include releasing emotional addictions, distant energy healing (Reiki), exploration of past (other) lives, altered states of consciousness and Soul Journey, as appropriate for the client. Nothing is ever imposed, those elements are optional.

While all this may sound like a complex, "high level" approach, please rest assured that no prior knowledge or even understanding of these concepts is required, as everything is explained as I will gently guide you step by step through each process. All I ask for is an open mind and your willingness to take a leap of faith and trust me. We'll be doing this together and I will be supporting you every step of the way 🙂 This includes email support in between the sessions.

This Program is offered in 1.5 hr sessions online (with video) over 8 to 12 sessions delivered weekly or every two weeks with some tasks and activities I will recommend to do between the sessions to help you practice and integrate the new ways of thinking, feeling and living. The sessions are not recorded, and note taking is supported with the key material emailed to the client.

Price: Please contact us

While Quantum Shift creates dramatic changes and outcomes in the end, the process is more like a river: flowing slowly and steadily, making inroads in the rock and sand as it wants to, barely noticeable until we don't recognise it anymore. The status quo of our life has changed - gently, lovingly, powerfully. One day we wake up and simply feel different. Have different thoughts, different emotions which our new reality reflects back to us.      "I really enjoyed this journey, but when and how did all this change happen?"  is a common feedback I hear from my clients at the end of this Program. They are bewildered, amused, and happy. And that's all that counts.

Some of the Outcomes You Can Expect From This Program*
increased self-awareness, self-knowledge and self-observation
self-empowerment and self-mastery
enhanced emotional intelligence (control of your emotional states)
increased resilience, self-confidence and self-esteem
- reduced stress and mastering stress management techniques
greater clarity about your life path, choices and options
mastering Theta meditation
releasing past traumas
emotional healing
- s
tronger intuition and insight
strengthening the connection with your Higher Self and Soul with a deeper understanding of your spiritual being having a human experience
an understanding of the multi-dimensional nature of the quantum reality we live in and the nature of God (really? Yes!)
learning the process and techniques to manifest reality with your intention and how to work with the Quantum Field
learning many practical tools, techniques and strategies supporting "the New You"

* results are not guaranteed and will vary for each individual

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