Quantum Makeover™ For Busy Professionals

This Program ("intensive" ) has been design for - you've guest it! - busy professionals: entrepreneurs, business owners, leaders in the corporate world and those working in highly demanding professions  who'd like to step up in their performance and improve their outcomes.

Quantum Makeover™ For Busy Professionals Program consists of four (4) carefully designed Quantum Living® Coaching* sessions (Modules) focused on the key personal and professional areas which, once transformed, will positively affect with the new energy all other aspects of the client's life.  The Modules are flexible and can last between 2-3 hrs each, as they develop organically and dynamically during the session. The Modules are driven by the outcomes rather than the process.

The Program includes free downloads, handouts and email support. It is delivered in weekly sessions over four weeks, online via Zoom. While designed for one-on-one sessions, the Program can be tailored to small corporate group sessions upon request.

* Quantum Living®  Coaching is a unique blended methodology of quantum coaching; counseling; spiritual counseling; Theta (transcendental) meditation; neuro-linguistic programming (NLP); energy healing; proprietary quantum protocols; and creative models & ideas.

In addition to the formal title, each Module has a colloquial expression which encapsulates the Module's Objective, to make it more familiar and fun! 

Module 1
Stress Release & Management
[ Chill out ]
Module 2

Emotional Reset
[ Get your act together ]
Module 3
Time Management & Procrastination
[ Get on with it ]
Module 4
Goal Setting & Manifestation
[Step into your power]

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