Quantum Coaching


What is Quantum Living®

Quantum Living® is a term I have coined to encapsulate the concept of living with the awareness and understanding of the basic principles of life defined by both science and spirituality at their intersection, and applying them on a daily basis. In other words - it is living in alignment with Life, flowing downstream with it, rather than struggling upstream in disconnect from the Universe.  It is the brand name for my Quantum Coaching program.

For example, many people understand and accept that everything is energy, including our thoughts and emotions, and that we project these energies constantly into the Quantum Field, where they activate and manifest situations and experience that match what we think and feel. 

And yet....very few people work with this primary principle to their advantage. Replacing negative thoughts with positive ones is not always easy, and stress and worry are highly addictive. As a result, they attract to their life more of the same, as per the quantum laws.

Another example - if you carry repressed anger from your childhood into your adulthood, it will most likely manifest itself as either a disease in the body (such as cancer), or will create an emotional addiction that will keep sabotaging your life.  Energy must always move; if it's supressed it gets stuck. Energy can't be destroyed either; it can only change form.

When you understand and learn how to work with energy in and outside your body, how to stop your emotional addictions and how to remove the negative frequencies trapped in your body; how to control your emotions and re-program your mind -  that old emotional baggage you've been carrying for years in your system (literally)... will quickly disappear.


How Can I Help You?

Emotions are the key driver of our behaviour and the key receiver of its consequences. Most common issues such as - poor self esteem, self-sabotage, broken relationships, financial issues, problems at work and even health issues - are caused by our inability to effectively control our emotions and most often by emotional addictions. This is my firm conclusion after helping people improve their lives for the past decade. Therefore, I focus my work on addressing emotional addictions.

Addictions to anger, frustration, rage, stress, worry, judgmental attitude, anxiety, fear, pain, struggle, self pity, self deprication, guilt, blame, criticism, depression, patronising, bullying.  Every negative emotion and attitude you can think of can create an addiction. 


The chemistry of negative emotions (stress hormones) which is unique to the particular emotion or group of emotions, is extremely addictive to our bodies just like nicotine, alhocol and drugs. The more we crave this chemistry, the quicker we adjust our behaviour to produce it - with anger, frustration etc. - seeking out and creating situations that will facilitate this process. 

At some point, we end up in a viscious spiral - the more we get the more we want - the more we get - the more we want - just like with alcohol, nicotine and drugs. And just like with an abuse of these substances we are watching our relationships, our career, our life falling apart.

I can help you stop this addiction.

The key four areas where my quantum coaching is particularly effective are:  Emotional AddictionsSelf-sabotageRelationships; and Spiritual Alignment.


The Quantum Living® Coaching Program

My Quantum Living® Coaching Program is a cutting edge, unique, blended personal empowerment and development program that transforms lives.  It is quantum coaching at its best.

It is based on the principles of quantum physics, spirituality and healthy living.  The Program is delivered as a blend of coaching, counselling, energy healing, meditation, intuitive counselling and educating.  It incorporates NLP and a number of other modalities that draw on quantium physics. The underlying and guiding quantum principle I use is that everything is energy and so I work with my clients at both the conscious and unconscious levels.

The Program is fully customised for each client. It consists of eight (8) weekly sessions delivered via Skype (with video).  There is some homework and email support in between the sessions to maintain the precious momentum of change. After the completion of the Program additional sessions are available, if needed.

If you are looking for quantum coaching - you won't be disappointed.

Please CONTACT us for pricing and further details.  The initial diagnostic session is free of charge.