The Quantum Living® Coaching Program



My Quantum Living® Coaching Program is a unique, holistic personal empowerment program that educates, inspires and transforms people. It is fun and magic. As beautifully represented in the logo - it is about an "opening of the heart" and is based on both science and mysticism /spirituality.




While the Program is tailored for each client addressing their specific issues, some key generic benefits include:

  • greater self-awareness and self-empowerment
  • stronger connection with one's spiritual essence
  • increased emotional intelligence
  • removal of behavioural & psychological blockages
  • ending addictions to negative emotions (eg. anger & frustration, stress & anxiety, worry & fear)
  • improved relationships
  • clarity on one's goals, objectives and life pathway
  • harnessing the power of thought and emotion in creating one's life experiences


My clients include medical practitioners, entertainers, singers, celebrity musicians, company CEOs and managers, members of  law enforcement, entrepreneurs, and mums and dads from around the world. 

The Program is a blend of coaching, counselling, energy healing, meditation, intuitive counselling and educatingWhile I don't offer psychic readings per se, I receive a lot of spiritual guidance and information about the client and their situation once I can tune into their energy field, which significantly enhances the effectiveness of the Program.

The Program consists of 8 -12 weekly 90 min sessions (depending on the client's needs) delivered online via Zoom.  Evening and weekend hours can be arranged. 

Single sessions (60 or 90 min) are also available.

The coaching programs are tailored for each client.  Both one-on-one and group coaching can be booked by individuals and organisations.  Gift vouchers are also available.

Please CONTACT me for further information and pricing.




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