The Quantum Living® Coaching Program



What is it?

Quantum Living® is a practical and empowering approach to happy and fulfilled living in sync with the Universe at the intersection of science and spirituality. It teaches us how to consciously create our life experiences with self-awareness and a strong connection with our true essence.

The Quantum Living® Coaching Program is a unique personal development program that educates, inspires, transforms and empowers people. It is fun and magic. It draws on the principles of quantum physics, psychology, mysticism and a healthy lifestyle. Quantum Coaching at its best. An experience you will never forget.

It incorporates our Guided Theta Meditations and the Quantum Living® Podcast.



How can it help you?

If you experience:

Relationship issues
Addiction to negative emotions (anger & frustration, stress & anxiety, worry & fear)
Feeling stuck in life, unable to find your Mojo

- this Program will help you address and resolve these issues, giving you tools and strategies you can use for life.


How is it structured?

The Program is a blend of coaching, counselling, energy healing, meditation, intuitive counselling and educating It comprises 8 -12 weekly sessions (1.5 hr each) delivered online via Zoom or Skype with video.  The Program is fully customised for each client, including the duration.  Evening and weekend hours can be arranged.

Please CONTACT us for further information and pricing.

After that, if you are ready to make a 100% commitment to changing your life and can start the Program within two weeks - we will offer you a 30 minute FREE diagnostic sessionThis session will give you and the coach an opportunity to discuss your issues and decide whether this Program is suitable for you. If we agree to commence the Program, you will receive a Coaching Agreement with Terms and Conditions which can be further discussed.



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