Do you feel as if someone or something was in control of your life, with constant pushbacks, setbacks and challenges you are sick and tired of?

Over several years of my coaching work, I have noted an interesting trend - about 98% of people I work with have one and the same problem in common:

Persistent negative, uncontrollable emotional states that sabotage their lives

anger & frustration
anxiety & worry
sadness & depression
guilt & victimhood
disparagement with judgment and criticism with a need for control - in short: bullying



A common, yet often unrecognised emotional addiction is an addiction to STRUGGLE - a potent emotional cluster of anxiety, depression and victimhood.

An addiction to STRESS is another one, which seriously impacts on health.





The good news is that these emotional addictions CAN BE STOPPED.




If that's what you would like to do -  let me show you how.