Quantum Coaching


Do you feel that something is not quite right in your life, not aligned, not working as you would expect?
Blocking and sabotaging your life out of control?



Have you been trying to address those issues in many ways for months or years, with no permanent change or outcome you seek?

This is the time of the Grand Pause and Grand Reset, serving together as a catalyst for the Grand Shift in Human Consciousness designed and scheduled eons ago by the hand of The Creator.

Mainstream modalities are now of little use, as the veil between the dimensions gets thinner; our so called 'dormant' DNA activates and we can understand the structure and nature of the Universe like never before.

I have taken hundreds of clients through my cutting-edge Quantum Coaching programs for the past 10 years with great success. 

I have now taken this work to the next level - by accessing the Quantum Field of all potentials in an altered state of consciousness - a Theta state. This mysterious state of vibration between 4-8 Hz gives us access to other dimensions - parallel universes, consciousness levels with our past and future lives, other realities where our own consciousness also exists...where we can find the answers we are seeking and heal at the emotional and physical levels.


I found this beautiful agate on the beach, many years ago, on the first day of my new life in Australia, as the ocean wave gently washing off my feet has left it as a gift. I was immediately drawn to its stunning design which resonated with me at a deeper level. This stone is showing me the multi-dimensional nature of the soul, which expands its consciousness from the NOW point of awareness into its parallel lives, past and future lives, existences in other worlds, realities and realms. The stone's centrical design demonstrates the universal resonance - like a pebble creating waves on a lake, so do our soul's vibrations expand indefinitely, interweaving with with fabric of Creation.

This stone is my Talisman, guiding my spiritual work.


Everything is energy - this key concept of quantum physics explains the structure of All That Is.  Energy carries information, and self-aware information is Consciousness.  By definition - consciousness is everywhere, that's the intelligent, self-aware Quantum Field.  In order to experience itself, Consciousness divided itself into quanta of energy we call souls - individual yet always connected.

Experience quantum coaching as a profound transformation at the intersection of science and spirituality. A journey through the quantum consciousnesses.


Our Quantum Living® Coaching Program is customised to suit the client's individual needs as a unique blend of coaching, counselling, spiritual / intuitive counselling,Theta meditation and the proprietary quantum protocols.

As we are working with energy, pretty much any issue can be addressed; however, we specialise in healing emotional addictions and relationship issues.

The Program can be taken either as Foundation with three (3) weekly sessions or Advanced with eight (8) weekly sessions.  As there is some 'homework' required between the sessions to maintain the momentum of change, please consider the Program duration as an ongoing commitment of three weeks or two months (respectively) as opposed to just your engagement during the session time.

Single retune sessions can be taken after the completion of the Program at any time. The Program is delivered online via Zoom.

To book your free diagnostic session please contact us.