* Take your personal growth to the Quantum Level *


Quantum Coaching is a relatively new life coaching modality which goes beyond psychology and neuropsychology, treating the client holistically in their broader environment.  This term however, has many different meanings depending on the coaching model that is being used.

The Quantum Living® Coaching Program is based on my quantum coaching model which treats the client as a consciousness living both on the physical and spiritual planes. To be fully effective, quantum coaching needs to draw on both science and metaphysics (spirituality) which converge at the intersection of Quantum Living®  where they are one and the same.

A good example here is meditation - which is a spiritual practice at its core and origin, and is also a recognised and scientifically evidenced remedy improving a number of medical conditions. As such, it is a multi-dimensional tool: a quantum tool which I use extensively in my coaching program.

Secondly, I work with clients at the conscious (physical) and unconscious (spiritual) levels engaging both the ego and the unconscious mind.



The Quantum Living® Coaching Program is a unique blend of quantum coaching, counselling, spiritual counselling,Theta meditation, neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), energy healing and the proprietary quantum protocols. Each client also receives the relevant supporting material  - various models, tools and strategies I have developed over the years, so there is a significant teaching component here as well.

The Program includes my own guided theta meditations as well as my podcast material as the integral building blocks of the fully customised program design, giving each client a unique, energetically aligned, personalised experience. Where appropriate, we also work in altered state of consciousness and explore quantum journeys of the soul to the past lives, parallel lives and other worlds and realities.

The core principles the Program is based on include:

  • our environment is an extension of our mind
  • we create our life experiences consciously and unconsciously with our thoughts and emotions, beliefs, attitudes as well as words and action
  • both karma and destiny are the products of our free will
  • imagination is more important than knowledge

Quantum Living® is a unique, cutting-edge approach to self-empowerment and emotional freedom at the intersection of science and spirituality.

The Quantum Living® Coaching Program is as psychological, spiritual and esoteric as it is educational and practical.  The basic Program consists of eight 1.5 hr consecutive weekly sessions, and can be further extended by an additional four sessions to the full Program of 12 sessions, if required. The Program is delivered online via Zoom. The only pre-requisite is the client's commitment to eight weeks of engagement, as there is some homework given in-between the sessions to maintain the momentum of change.

My key expertise lies in healing emotional addictions, self sabotage and relationship issues - however most emotional and life issues can be addressed with this Program.

For more details and pricing please contact me.  If you are ready, I will offer you a complimentary diagnostic session. Still hesitating?... Please read my client testimonials.