Quantum Coaching


Quantum Coaching is a powerful, cutting-edge approach to personal transformation that we utilise in our sessions and programs.

Our Quantum Living® Coaching Program is a unique blend of coaching, counselling, energy healing, Theta meditation, intuitive/spiritual counselling, educating and proprietary Quantum Protocols developed by Anna Anderson, an internationally certified Life Coach, NLP Practitioner and Spiritual Guide.

Every client comes to us with different issues.  Every issue is a symptom of the underlying cause or causes - which is what we identify and address.  We don't offer band-aid solutions - we will help you re-wire the neurological pathways in your brain to remove the old negative habits and beliefs, and create the new, positive ones.



We specialise in releasing emotional addictions  to anger & frustration, stress & anxiety, worry & fear and pain.

We all experience these emotions occasionally. However, when they become habitual and take control of our life, sabotaging it at many levels - it's a strong indication of an emotional addiction to them; meaning that our body has literally become addicted to the stress hormones these emotional states produce, and it is subconsciously driving our behaviour to ignite these emotions on a daily basis, often without any reason, to get its chemical "fix".  The mechanism of this process is similar to the nicotine, alcohol and drug addiction, and just like with these addictions it CAN be stopped.


We also specialise in resolving relationship issues at a profound level.  This includes communication, knowing and understanding between partners, conflict management and resolution, and rebuilding the relationship's dynamic with our powerful Relationship Building Model.

The Relationship Healing Program
is for couples.

The generic, common outcomes of all our Programs include:

  • high self-awareness and self-observation
  • resilience and self-empowerment
  • stronger connection with one's spiritual essence
  • increased emotional intelligence

Our Coaching Programs are typically delivered over 8-12 weekly 1.5 hr sessions via Skype or Zoom online.

Single sessions are also available, subject to the approval by the Coach as suitable and sufficient to meet the client's objective.

Please CONTACT us for further information and pricing.




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