The Quantum Living® Coaching Program



What is it?

Quantum Living® is a space at the intersection of science and spirituality that inspires and uplifts everyone regardless of their beliefs and orientation.

The Quantum Living® Coaching Program is a cutting-edge, unique, blended personal empowerment program that transforms lives -  a super hack to happiness, fulfilment, wellbeing and success. It is a holistic and multi-dimensional personal coaching program based on the principles of quantum physics, NLP, psychology, neuropsychology, spirituality and wellbeing. Quantum coaching at its best.  Very practical and working energetically at both the conscious and unconscious levels at the same time.


How can it help you?

If you have noticed a pattern in your life that is holding you back from realising your true potential and/or creates pain and struggle in any of these areas – you would certainly benefit from this Program:

♦ Emotional addictions (anger, depression, pain, struggle, judgment, worry etc) ♦ self-sabotage ♦ relationships ♦ finding your Mojo / path in life  ♦ self-confidence & self-esteem  ♦ stress & anxiety ♦ managing change &  life transitions ♦ interpersonal communication  ♦  limiting beliefs & fears ♦ spiritual alignment / connection with your Higher Self ♦


How is it structured?

The Program is a blend of coaching, counselling, energy healing, meditation, intuitive counselling and educating It consists of eight (8) weekly sessions (1.5 hr each) - 12 hours in total - delivered via Skype/Zoom with video.  There is some homework and email support between the sessions to maintain the momentum of change. The Program is fully customised for each Client.  After the completion of the Program additional sessions are available, if desired.

If you are looking for a real deal quantum coaching - you won't be disappointed!

Please CONTACT us for pricing and further details.  The initial no-obligation diagnostic session is free of charge.


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