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Karma, Free Will or Destiny – Who’s in Charge of Your Life? | QL056



I’d like to ask you a question: who is in charge of your life?  I can hear you say – well, I am of course. Ok. And what are your religious or spiritual beliefs about God, the afterlife, reincarnation? Do these beliefs dictate the level of freedom you have?  Do you believe in karma? Or a destiny of your soul? So I will ask you again – who is in charge of your life?  Aha…now you are thinking….LOL

From  time immemorial, philosophers have been pondering on these existential questions: who are we? What is driving our life experiences? Do we have free will, or do we suffer or enjoy the consequences of our karma – good or bad? – carried over from the past lives?. Or are we born with a set destiny or faith for each lifetime?

The answer is not straightforward and will surprise you, mainly because it makes so much sense. 

Destiny is the product of your free will as a soul in Spirit, and karma is the product of your free will during incarnations – your human free will.

Your Life is the function of your Destiny, Karma and Free Will.

Simple, profound, elegant and empowering.

Listen to find out why and how.

Enjoy and please share!

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