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We Are Avatars | QL055



Have you seen the movie Avatar? If not – quickly put in at the top of your list of things to do for this week.

Released in 2009, written and directed by James Cameron, it’s a science fiction / fantasy movie that is truly like no other. It has won 3 Oscars and a range of 86 wins and 130 nominations – and it is undeniably a cinematographic masterpiece. As at today, Avatar is the highest-grossing movie in box office history having earned over $2.81 billion world-wide, and it is expected to cross the $3 billion mark. 

Yet Avatar is much more than a spectacular movie and a box office hit  – it is a Phenomenon.

But it takes much more than a cinematographic genius with a heart touching story and mind blowing special effects for a movie to get to this level of euphoria and a deep connection with it.  For this, the movie needs to touch a raw nerve and reveal a hidden, unconscious secret we recognise as truth …. explaining the nature of our existence: 


In this podcast I take you on a journey of discovery unveiling the true nature of our existence on this physical plane.  The first clue is in the movie “Avatar”.  The second clue is our pre-programmed need to sleep every 24 hrs or so, which we can’t escape. The third clue is that the physical restoration of the mind and body cannot be done to the same extent simply during rest.  We MUST go to sleep.

Why do we spend 1/3 of our lifetime in sleep?  Why do need to sleep every 24 hours or so? Why does sleep stand out as an odd one in the six human survival needs?

In this podcast you will also learn:

  • why we become unconscious during sleep
  • where our consciousness / soul goes during the sleep period of “non-existence”
  • the three key functions of sleep: physical, spiritual and creative/psychic
  • a proof that you are a part of God, The Supreme Creator
  • how to interpret dreams

The key message is that all human beings on this planet have one important thing in common: We are Avatars travelling in spirit between different worlds and dimensions.

Find out why and how…

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