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Manifesting Intention Into Reality 301 – Beliefs | QL044



What is a belief? How can you use your beliefs to manifest what you want rather than what you don’t want?

In this episode I explore beliefs as the most powerful manifestation tool we have at our disposal and explain the process of how we create a negative belief with a single thought and the corresponding emotion. Every belief you hold is your intention – conscious or unconscious – to validate it in your life, and so it is important to be aware of your beliefs – the signals you are sending to the quantum field – and delete the negative ones as quickly as you can. I have included here the basic steps in this process and outlined what else can be done. If left unchecked, a negative belief can create a really serious issue for you – an emotional addiction. You don’t want this to happen.

I am talking here about negative beliefs to better illustrate my point.  Of course, positive beliefs are equally powerful manifestation tools – and that’s what we want!

The concept of thoughts and emotions being often entangled for most people as one perception (thought-emotion) is an interesting psychological phenomenon. One could argue that it is simple and convenient; I believe that it is our ego’s ploy to prevent us from accessing our emotions in their pure state as separate from thought.  The ego always wants to be in control, and the moment we connect with our feelings which tell us a different story, the ego will always lose.


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For continuity, please listen to Manifesting Intention Into Reality 101 – Thoughts (QL042)  and Manifesting Intention Into Reality 201 – Emotions (QL043) first.



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