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Manifesting Intention Into Reality 201 – Emotions | QL043



In this episode, the second in the 3-part mini series on manifesting intention into reality, I talk about emotions as a powerful manifestation tool and explain why they are more powerful than thoughts. I also answer the question I posed in the previous episode: Where do thoughts come from?  My answer will surprise you.

An emotion, just like a thought – is an electromagnetic wave of such a high frequency that it is invisible to us. Once created, it goes out to the quantum field where it contributes to the perpetual content of the universal consciousness or universal mind.  The key component of this wave is encoded information which is used as instructions for the unfolding blueprint of our future.  An emotion is a much more powerful manifestation tool than a single thought, mainly because it is long lasting.  How long does your thought “I’m not good enough” last? Two or three seconds.  How long does your feeling of not being good enough last?….days, weeks, months, years…. You get the picture.

That’s why we need to pay more attention to our emotional states than to our thoughts. And because to change a thought is so much easier than to change an emotion, and one creates another –  we can use various tools and strategies to control our thoughts first.

You will learn a cute and effective strategy to change your emotional state by changing the originating thoughts quickly and easily, and an advanced, two-step process for using your emotions to manifest what you want instead of what you don’t want.

Music: purple-planet.com

For continuity, please listen to Manifesting Intention Into Reality 101 – Thoughts (QL042)  first.


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