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The Art of Witch with Fiona Horne - QL037



Would you like to meet a real Witch? If so, you will love this inspiring, liberating and paradigm-busting interview with Fiona Horne – a real modern Witch with several other amazing hats on, as she speaks candidly about her life as a Witch and her latest book “The Art of Witch”. 

What Fiona shared with me will surprise you, perhaps even shock you, and will certainly make you re-think the mainstream paradigm of modern witchcraft. You will hear about a secret message she received directly from God; learn a powerful healing ritual that will unlock the door to your full potential, and so much more. You don't wanna miss it! 

Fiona was born in Sydney Australia. She launched her career in the entertainment industry as the lead singer of the Aussie electro-rock band Def FX, and for many years has been a popular radio and TV personality, featured on many programs around the world including Gaia TV and Coast to Coast with George Noory.

Fiona is a world record-holding skydiver; professional fire dancer; an accomplished free-diver and scuba diver; yoga instructor and a commercial pilot.  Based on the Caribbean Island of St Croix, she is the coordinator of an outreach program and humanitarian aid worker flying supplies to impoverished communities in the region. 

Over the past 20 years, Fiona has written and published 14 best-selling books on modern Witchcraft; and an oracle cards deck titled "Magic of You" published in 2019.

Her most recent books are:

"Witch: A Magical Journey – A Guide to Modern Witchcraft"  - A 20th Anniversary Edition
"The Naked Witch"  - An autobiography
"The Art of Witch"

The Art of Witch is a manifesto:  a code of ethics and principles for a modern Witch, enriched with many real-life anecdotes about the magickal (sic!) side of everyday life.

A quote from the Introduction to The Art of Witch Manifesto:

“As seekers – what do we seek? An elevation from the abyss – the eternal struggle? 

Liberation from the push-pull of life – or is it more useful to accept inevitable descents, unavoidable destruction, and willingly dive in – confident that in the appropriate time we will emerge wiser, more grateful, more useful, more whole, more at peace?...




...At Witches, we seek to commune, interact and co-create. Our community grows stronger and more diverse with every breath it takes.

We evolve to consider our Craft as Art, being the skill, expression and creative offerings from Divine inspiration.

Witch – be thyself, be fearless, The Art of Witch is your Manifesto”.

You can contact Fiona through her website


where you will find the links to her Facebook, Instagram and Twitter presence and can purchase her books.


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