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Your Quantum Horoscope 2020 – QL035



What is the energy of 2020? How can we best align with it to benefit from the changes this year will bring?  A new decade is an opportunity for transformation at many levels – to raise our vibration by one notch, to step up to the next level of our evolution as people and souls. Learn about the concept of the Seasons of Life. Find out what Season of your life you are currently in and what is your Quantum Horoscope for 2020.

You won’t find this unique horoscope anywhere else – so tune in and share!

Key takeaways:

  • 2020 is a hugely significant year, starting a new decade of higher consciousness which requires us to step up
  • 2020 has the energy of the Master Number 22 , the powerful number 4, and the universally assigned power of 20/20 eyesight which means sharp focus, vision and staying on the path
  • The Time of Reckoning which started in 2000 will continue in 2020 and until the end of the decade
  • TRUTH is the key characteristic of higher consciousness.  All dark secrets and past wrongdoings will be brought to light one by one faster than ever before
  • There will be many significant and profound changes both at the global level and in people’s individual lives setting the tone and new energy for the next 10 years
  • The veil between dimensions is rapidly getting thinner – watch your thoughts like a hawk as they may manifest in an instance
  • The key energy themes of 2020 are:  spirituality, foundations, partnerships and balance

The Quantum Horoscope

Unlike the astrological horoscope based on the exact time of one’s birth against the 12 Zodiac signs or the Chinese horoscope which looks at the year of birth – the Quantum Horoscope is based on the seasons of life.

Here is a summary of my concept of The Four Seasons of Life reflecting the cycles of Nature:

  • 0 – 29  years.  From birth, through your teens and 20s you are in SPRING. This is one of the longest phases of your life, lasting 30 years. You are growing, developing, evolving, learning. Building your energy and your strength. You are BECOMING. Curiosity is your key driver and lack of experience your biggest pitfall.  Hang in there!
  • 30 – 49 years.  Once you turn 30, you enter the SUMMER of your life which lasts 20 years through your 30s and 40s. This is the peak of your performance. You are blossoming and creating, with fertile ideas giving birth to your destiny. You are full of energy and strive to make your mark in the world – from creating children to building companies. Achievement is your key driver and ignorance your biggest pitfall. You think you know it all….
  • 50 – 69 years.  Once you turn 50, you enter the AUTUMN (FALL) of your life for the next 20 years through your 50s and 60s. It is time to slow down, take a deep breath and look around.  You are harvesting the fruits of your labour and share them with others. You might also be seeking outlets for your creative expression….painting, writing, or some unusual hobby…Wisdom is your key driver and regrets your biggest pitfall. Let go…..
  • 70 + years. Once you turn 70 – you enter the WINTER of your life where you will stay until the end of your time on this planet – over your 70s, 80s, 90s and beyond, as long as your soul desires. You feel the urge to be productive as the cycle of your life is closing. You are now freely giving away your knowledge and wisdom as your legacy to help others. You finally understand Life and see the world from a much broader perspective.  Peace is your key driver and poor health your biggest pitfall. You are ready to move on to your next experience when your time comes.

Listen to the podcast to find out the Quantum Horoscope for your current Season of Life.

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