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Healing Emotional Wounds – QL032



We are more emotional than physical beings. Our energetic emotional body is much bigger than our physical body and yet it cannot contain all the emotions we experience in our lifetime and perhaps for this reason we carry our emotional energies in our physical body.  In fact, we FEEL emotions at the physical level as they directly impact, through the brain and the nervous system on every single atom and cell in our being.

We use the same language – we talk about our emotions being heavy, or draining, or light and uplifting, hot or cool  we do feel them in our body. A key characteristic of emotions is that the need to be processed and passed, or transformed somehow to continue the flow. They can linger for a little while but not for too long. When an unprocessed emotion is stuck, it is literally a toxic energy stuck in our body, usually in an organ or system. It affects our life just like a wounded arm or leg would.  And so we often refer to them as wounds. What happens when a wound doesn’t heal..? it hurts, it limits our movement, limits our desire to move on with the fear pain.  When you are wounded, you don’t wanna move. After a surgery, for example, you must stay in bed for few or several days until your wound has healed otherwise you’ll be in severe pain.

In this episode I talk about emotional wounds, generically – how to deal with them, as deal we must if we want to stop the pain.   I explain the nature of emotional wounds and the process of removing them on the basis of 10 Principles:

(1) all emotional wounds can be healed
(2) it is our task and challenge to heal our emotional wounds
(3) it is our choice to heal our wounds or not
(4) healing our emotional wounds will always raise our frequency and propel us forward in life
(5) every wound is there for a reason
(6) in order to heal a wound we must uncover its reason and understand its purpose
(7) our intention to understand the wound will reveal its secrets as it is an inherent nature of all wounds to want to be healed
(8) to heal the wound we must let go and stop using it as a protection, manipulation, excuse, escape, victimhood, self-pity and a barrier that we can hide behind with fear preventing us from achieving our greatest potential    
(9) to  heal a wound we must drop the belief that we are wounded
(10) living your life as a walking wounded is no fun – so start healing…now.

It is time.

These 10 Principles is a channelled material from the Quantum Field.

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  1. Anna this podcast is amazing and makes so much sense! I resonated with all of it. I love your cheeky ending! I always say that we create what we believe and never to own an illness. This podcast is well put together and simple to follow. Great work!

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