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Psychic Talk with Victoria Cochrane – Part 2 – QL031


In this episode we continue our inspired conversation with my Special Guest, Victoria Cochrane – Professional Psychic, Spiritual Healer, Author and the 2019 Tasmanian Psychic Expos’ Psychic of The Year. 

We are diving into the topics of the soul, spirit and the Higher Self; soul fragments, spiritual ascension; Theta meditation and healing, energy and more!

For continuity, please listen to Part 1.


Resources mentioned in the show:

Website – http://victoriacochrane.com/

Blog – http://reachingoutspiritualnews.blogspot.com/

Facebook –  www.facebook.com/ReachingOutSpiritualNews/

You can contact Victoria via any of those sites.

Victoria’s Books:  available on Amazon

“Beyond Ascension 2012: Universal Truths”
“Raising the energies of Mother Earth: Towards and After Ascension 2012
“The Alignment of the Universe: Messages from Other Worlds”


Additional resources:

A list of 27 psychic abilities on Wikipedia


Music: https://www.purple-planet.com 

Copyright:  Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License


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