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Healing Relationships  – QL029


You will enjoy this inspiring and empowering episode about healing relationships – arguably the most important, most neglected and most difficult part of our life. What is a relationship? How can we make it work? How can we heal it? In this episode focused on intimate/romantic relationships you will learn about the Golden Rule, the Key Secret,10 Key Rules for a happy relationship, my chakra-based Relationship Building Model and a sensual activity which will strengthen your relationship bond.

Key points:

  • There are three entities in your relationship: you, your partner and the relationship with its own energy and dynamic
  • The Key Secret:  Stay focused on your relationship. Learn what sustains and what erodes it.
  • The Golden Rule:  Never take your partner or your relationship for granted

The 10 Rules for a happy and healthy romantic relationship:

  1. Never take your partner or your relationship for granted ( The Golden Rule)
  2. Stay focused on building and growing your relationship (The Key Secret)
  3. Shield your relationship from your past and from undue influences of your family
  4. Make an effort to better know and understand your partner – every day for life
  5. Be present for your partner and listen
  6. Communicate!
  7. Don’t try to change your partner
  8. Learn how to resolve conflict situations
  9. Use my chakra-based Relationship Building Model as a guide of what is missing and what could be improved
  10. Take full responsibility for your relationship

This episode includes a clip from Healing Your Relationships Theta Meditation by Anna Anderson  (available for download HERE)

Music: purple-planet.com


  1. Anna I loved this podcast. So practical and easy to listen to. O particularly loved the Theta Meditation and the embracing exercise. You have a very soothing voice. Thank you.

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