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Healing Through the Chakras Part 2 - QL024



Do you know your chakras – your energy centres through which you exchange your energy with the Quantum Field?   In Part 2 of this episode – I continue an overview of the key chakras and also share with you some very practical and helpful applications of the knowledge of the chakra system, and talk about how we can heal our mind and body by re-tuning the chakras.

Once we know and understand the qualities and energy of our chakras, we can use the chakra system in many practical applications and models.  In this episode I share with you my two chakra-based models which I use extensively in my coaching programs:

  • The Soul Archetypes Model
  • The Relationship Building Model

You can use the first model to discover and work with your soul archetype. 

You can use the second model to improve your relationships.

Please listen to Part 1 (QL021) first for continuity.

Music:  purple-planet.com; bensound.com


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