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Sound Healing with Dr Ted Winslow Part 1 - QL022



Have you ever noticed how certain sound vibrations affect your mood in different ways?  If you are interested in sound healing, Solfeggio frequency, Theta and Alpha frequency and the benefits of binaural beats – you are in for a treat.

Join me for this fascinating conversation about sound healing with my special guest  – Dr. Ted Winslow - a Sound Healing Researcher, Producer, Audio Engineer, Musician, Singer, Vocal Coach and Songwriter.

Over 25 years of research into the healing properties of sound - yes, at the intersection of science and spirituality - Ted has produced more than 200 soundtracks incorporating Solfeggio Frequencies, binaural beats, Theta Brainwave Technology, layering of frequencies, sacred geometry, numerology, and spherical sound waves,  composed and mastered in a unique way which creates a positive effect on the human energy field.

What is sound healing? What is Love Frequency and why is 440 Hz  frequency bad for your health?  Why Theta brainwaves allow manifestations in the Quantum Field? How did he communicate with the Angels?  To hear Ted's answers to these and many more questions - tune in!

Ted has also offered a special gift to my listeners - a FREE digital download of his Angelic Sounds album.  We give away the CODE for this free download somewhere in this episode...

This episode continues to Part 2.

Music: purple-planet.com
Short Clips from selected songs  from “ Love & Gratitude”  and “ Angelic Sound Healing" albums  by Ted Winslow (with permission)


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