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Healing Through the Chakras Part 1 - QL021


Do you know your chakras – your energy centres through which you exchange your energy with the Quantum Field?   In this episode – delivered in 2 parts – you will learn about the chakras, their functions and role and why they are so important.  I will also share with you some very practical and helpful applications of the knowledge of the chakra system, and talk about how we can heal our mind and body by re-tuning the chakras.


Images of the human energy torus. (Pic 1 and Pic 3)

I believe that each chakra has this type of energy flow (Pic 2)  from the back (S) through the spine to the front (N)


Pic 1                                                             Pic 2                                                   Pic 3


Resources mentioned in this episode

The Connected Universe | Nassim Haramein | TEDxUCSD

Resonance Science Foundation


This episode continues  to Part 2.





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