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Mastering Change  - QL017   


In this episode I talk about one of the most uncomfortable, most avoided and most dreaded topic by the vast majority of people - CHANGE; what is the process of change; why we dread it; what are the three types of change and three different approaches to dealing with change. I also share with you a powerful visualisation technique that will help you master change and outline The 7 Steps to Change Mastery.

For most people any change in their circumstances is painful or at least uncomfortable, and often emotional.  Why is that?  Our conscious mind (ego) perceives all departure from the known and familiar as a threat to our existence.  As the ego's primary job is to protect us, it will do anything it can to prevent us from venturing out of its comfort zone into the area of "danger" by inducing fear, resistance, anxiety and apprehension to retain the status quo. 

When you MASTER the change you are facing, it will be your ally, not your enemy.




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