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New Year New You - Part 1  - QL014


In this episode (Part 1), I provide an intuitive overview of the new year 2018 pointing out its numerological and spiritual significance. The year number reduces to 11 which is a Master Number of high frequency linked to psychic events and spirituality. Be mindful, as when the veil between the dimensions gets thinner, things are not always as they seem to be...

In 2018, be ready to tackle paradoxes, unexplained phenomena and miracles on a daily basis.  Psychic readings and manifestations will become so much easier. Watch your thoughts and emotions like a hawk, as their power to materialise what matches your intention will dramatically increase.  Events will be happening quickly.  Material objects will disappear and reappear with no logical explanation.  Mind blowing synchronicities will become commonplace.  People will be seen at different locations at the same time.  Other timelines or alternate realities will be more accessible, and in fact, we might be jumping from one to another without realising it until we notice that some elements of our reality are ...different.  So look out for any anomalies.

Because of its special nature, 2018 requires a different approach to re-inventing oneself.  To effectively tap into the Quantum Field and create our desired life, we must be focused on our own energy and the energies around us......

I also share with you The 7 Quantum Hacks to create the NEW YOU in the NEW YEAR 2018

  • Meditate daily
  • Adjust your diet - ideally to vegetarian
  • Mind your energy signature
  • Manage the influence of the energies around you
  • Identify the difference between your current reality and your intentions
  • Use your imagination as the primary creation tool
  • Master the multi-dimensional manifestation

This episode continues to Part 2.




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