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Stress: The Final Frontier  - QL012


Stress is truly the final frontier of our health and well-being. In this episode, I explore the nature of stress -  the types of stress we experience, their triggers and the damaging impact of stress on our physical and mental state. I also share few simple yet effective hacks to reduce the emotional stress – the most common and most damaging type of stress which is also completely within our control.  Surprised?....

Stress is an important part of our biology. It serves a purpose when we are faced with a life threatening situation;  the sympathetic nervous system kicks in, taking control of all body functions preparing us to fight, flight or freeze in a blink of an eye. Once the threat is gone, the parasympathetic system is activated, counteracting the effects of stress and restoring the body back to its normal state.

When our stress response becomes frequent however, mainly to many false alarms -  it sets up chronic stress where the body does not have time to recover from one stress response before another – and  that’s when the benefits of stress end and health problems begin.

The title of this episode - "Stress: The Final Frontier" is not incidental.  Prolonged and chronic stress can actually kill - directly or indirectly.

The most common and damaging type of stress is emotional stress - which is the focus of this episode.

Key takeaways:

  • There are three types of stress: physical, chemical and emotional
  • Emotional stress is the most common and most damaging - and it is totally within our control
  • There are three types of emotional stress linked to the flow of time: related to past, present and future.
  • Chronic and frequent emotional stress has severe impact on our physical and mental state

Resources mentioned in this episode

The HeartMath Institute  



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