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Emotional Addiction to Suffering & Struggle  - QL010


Are you addicted to suffering and struggle? You are not alone!  Join me in this fascinating episode where I talk about emotional addictions: what they are, how they are formed and what can we do to stop them, sharing my tools and strategies you can use at home. This episode includes a coaching mini on the colours of thoughts. 

How on earth, you ask, a person can become addicted to an emotion, let alone to suffering and struggle which are not emotional states per se.  Let me explain. You see – emotions are chemistry. And suffering and struggle are the states of being running on a cluster of negative emotions such as worry, fear, frustration, anxiety, anger, pain, depression, self-deprecating and victimhood.

A typical example here is the “battered wife syndrome”, where a woman is unable to leave an abusive relationship, and when she finally does – with the help of police and social services - soon after she finds another man who will continue the abuse. She will attract similar relationships one after another, as if subconsciously wanting to experience pain. The fact is – she does. The question is - why?.....

Can emotional addictions be stopped? The answer is - Yes. The rehab process is very simple and yet difficult to follow as it requires consistency over time (which is a weak spot for many of us). There is no magic bullet, and the key ingredients are self-awareness, commitment, repetition and time...



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