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Theta Meditation: The Ultimate Game Changer - Part 2  - QL008   



In this cutting-edge, out-on-a-limb episode, I continue my exploration of Theta Meditation, talking about the difference between mindfulness and meditation and sharing the techniques to induce Theta which I have developed over the years of meditative practice. This topic is covered in two parts.

The frequency of Theta is the doorway from the physical plane to other dimensions as your awareness is suspended between the two realities.  It is your internal channel to communicate with your Higher Self and, ultimately, it leads to a deeper understanding of who you really are - beyond the shell of your physical body. It is also a state of self-hypnosis. 

In this deep meditative state you can heal your mind and body, visualise and create your future, receive guidance and insights, and completely rejuvenate, as 20 minutes will refresh you as much as eight hours of sleep.  In this episode I take you through a guided Theta Meditation - a short version of my Instructional Theta Meditation (the full version is available on my website).  Once you have learnt the process, you will be able to apply it in all meditation with and without music.

For continuity, please listen to Part 1 first.




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