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Theta Meditation: The Ultimate Game Changer - Part 1  - QL007


In this cutting-edge, out-on-a-limb episode, I explore the mysterious benefits of Theta Meditation from both the scientific and spiritual points of view.  As we naturally go through the Theta state twice a day for only a few moments - just before falling asleep and as we are waking up, to truly harness the power of Theta we can use it in meditation.  This topic is covered in two episodes.  Part 1 sets the scene and explains the power of meditating in a Theta state.  In the upcoming Part 2, I will share with you certain techniques inducing Theta and will take you through a short guided Theta Meditation. 

Our brain operates at various electromagnetic frequencies - Gamma, Beta, Alpha, Theta and Delta. The Theta frequency is said to be around 8 Hz (cycles per second). The mysterious characteristics of the Theta state which I talk about are interestingly linked to the following scientific facts:  The "Heartbeat of the Earth", known as the Schumann Resonance, is the 7.86 Hz frequency of the electromagnetic resonance produced by lightning discharges between the Earth's surface and the ionosphere.  Not surprisingly, 8 Hz is commonly believed to be the frequency of our planet.

This frequency reverberates in our core biology, as human DNA is said to pulsate also at 8 cycles per second during replication. Healers often slow down their brainwaves to 8 Hz to entrain their patient's frequency to the same level to allow the healing.  It is believed that 8 Hz frequency resonates with the pineal gland - the door to our Divinity.  Quantum physics tells us that electrons appear and disappear between the dimensions 7.8 times per second.  

There are no coincidences.  The Universe aligns everything the way it should be...

This episode continues to Part 2.



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