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Living From the Heart  - QL003



What does it mean “To live from the heart” ? How can you open your heart – the true connection to your Higher Self?  What is self-love?  Tune in to experience emotions you may not have experienced before…This episode includes an inspiring personal transformation story and a coaching mini on how to reduce stress and anxiety in 3 minutes. You guessed it – both involve accessing the wisdom of your heart.

The greatest challenge for us on our evolutionary path is to learn self-love, as only then we can open up to give and receive love from others. You can’t give away what you don’t have. You can’t receive what you don’t recognise. All love –  romantic love, unconditional human love and spiritual love – always begin with loving oneself.

And if you feel resistance and say: well I don’t like myself that much let alone love, I’ll ask you this:

Who do you need to become.....that you could love and admire every day...? Who do you need to stop being?.......What parts of you are pushing you away from yourself?.......

Look in a mirror. Who do you see? Can you say to your reflection: I love me just the way I am…?

Once you can do that and your heart is open – start living from your heart!



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