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A cutting-edge, thought-provoking podcast with inspirations, information and insights on how to live a happy and fulfilling life in sync with the Universe at the intersection of science and spirituality. Learn the principles of Quantum Living  -  a quick and elegant hack to happiness and success -  from my guided meditations, reflective commentaries, interviews, stories, coaching minis and more. 

The first episode sets the scene for the show explaining the concept of Quantum Living and outlining key topics that will be covered in the upcoming episodes.  To give you a taste of what this show is about, this introductory episode is somewhat eclectic - with reflections, short meditation and a coaching mini.

Join me in my honest and engaging discussions about life, the Universe, mysticism,  emotional addictions, interpersonal communication, health and wellbeing, spirituality, relationships, suicide, self-sabotage, limiting beliefs and fears, creating personal reality, Theta meditation, mastering change, reducing stress and so much more…

Please note:

After 11 episodes I changed the title of my show to Quantum Living: A Hack to Happiness and Success. That's what it really is about. The intro of the recording however remains unchanged in Episodes 1-11.  You will hear a new intro from Episode 12.

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