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Personal Transformation Program

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If you are reading this, most likely you are seeking to move forward or are seeking a way out from your current life circumstances.  Both are actually a way forward as you are looking for a CHANGE. Chances are, you have heard of quantum coaching, you are spiritually open-minded and begin to understand the intersection of science and spirituality as the only space where miracles can happen.

Welcome to Quantum Mastery Coaching - you've come to the right place!

Quantum coaching is a relatively new life coaching modality that goes beyond the psychology and neuropsychology, treating the client holistically in their broader environment. This term however, has many different meanings depending on the coaching model that is being used.

My quantum programs are based on my own quantum coaching model which treats the client as a consciousness existing both on the physical and spiritual planes at the same time. My methodology draws on both science and metaphysics (spirituality) that converge at the intersection of Quantum Living®  where they are one and the same - that's why it is highly effective. I also work with people at the conscious (physical) and unconscious (spiritual) levels engaging both the ego and the unconscious mind.

A good example here is meditation - which is a spiritual practice at its core and origin, and is also a recognised and scientifically evidenced remedy improving a number of medical conditions. As such, it is a multi-dimensional tool: a quantum tool which I use extensively in my coaching programs.

The Quantum Living® Mastery Coaching Program is for people seeking an expansion; wanting to live a life with fulfillment, prosperity and joy. People who want to step into their power as the co-creators of their lives; to step onto the next level.

The starting point is usually a persistent issue (or issues) you are struggling with which serve as a trigger; a prompt from your soul to step up and take control of your life, such as:

unhealthy relationships
negative emotional patterns
disconnect from your higher self
feeling stuck in life

or anything else that stops you from achieving your highest potential in life - this Program will help you resolve them as it gets right to the bottom of all imbalance: the negative energy stuck in your body and your aura (your energy field) which sabotages your efforts to improve your life.  Again, the key outcome underpinning all gradual change is self-empowerment.

Have you heard of The Law of Attraction?...It is the key scientific/spiritual basis of my quantum coaching!

The Program is fully customised for every client.

It is delivered in weekly consecutive 90 min online sessions, available as:

1. Basic Program (3 sessions over 3 weeks) - standalone, can't be combined with the Core Program
2. Core Program (8 sessions over 8 weeks)
3. Advanced Program (4 sessions over 4 weeks) - can be taken only after the completion of the Core Program

There is some homework to be done between the sessions to keep the momentum of change, so think of these Programs as an ongoing commitment for their entire duration, rather than weekly sessions that can be forgotten about the very next day.

Single 90 min sessions are also available.

All sessions are delivered online. The Program is fully customised for each client to address their individual issues and objectives, and create a unique, energetically aligned experience with the overarching focus on self-mastery and self-empowerment. Due to the high degree of customisation, the Program price is determined after the Diagnostic Session. A price estimate can be provided prior to the session booking.

My Quantum Living® Mastery Program is as psychological, spiritual and esoteric as it is educational and practical.  It is unique, cutting-edge and fun!

The Program's methodology is a unique blend of quantum coaching (based on quantum physics,The Law of Attraction and other Universal Laws); holistic counselling; spiritual guidance; meditation; neuro-linguistic programming (NLP); Reiki healing and other energy work; and the proprietary quantum protocols. Each client receives the relevant supporting material - various models, tools and strategies I have developed over the years, so there is a significant educational component here as well. In the Advanced part of the Program (where appropriate), we explore altered states of consciousness and quantum journeys of the soul.

Through this Program you will:

- become fully self-aware and self-observant, increasing the knowledge and understanding of yourself
become a conscious and powerful manifester of your reality, able to improve the quality of your life
increase your emotional intelligence, resilience, self-confidence and self-esteem
gain clarity of your key path, choices and options
learn how to meditate in Theta (transcendental meditation)
learn many tools, techniques and strategies you'll be able to use for life
become truly self-empowered


1. You will receive a free download of my guided Theta meditations - The Cosmology Album
2. You we'll be able to accumulate FREE sessions with me under the Lifetime Client Referral Bonus Program


1. A 30-min diagnostic session (complimentary) to determine the suitability of this Program for you
2. Your 100% commitment to yourself and the Program

Still undecided?...

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"Anna is a superb coach who blends compassion, wisdom, insight, and experience into a transformational experience for her clients. I found Anna by chance and knew immediately I wanted to work with her—I’m so happy I did. She expertly and lovingly helped me transform fear, anxiety, indecision, and self-doubt into confidence, inner knowing, clarity, and movement towards a clear direction in my life, relationships, and career. Anna holds both a wealth of experience and also profound intuitive abilities—I felt extremely held and supported while working with her, while also pushed to move beyond my own self-imposed limitations. If you feel called to work with Anna, do it! It’s your soul guiding you towards the next phase of your spiritual evolution." Courtney

 *  *  * 

" My experience with Anna was (and is) one of the finest professional relationships ever. If one is a lifelong learner and seeker of greater personal evolvement, engaging Anna's coaching and counselling offers you a chance to get to the mountain top. Her extraordinary ability to guide your souls quest in the Universe and, at the same time, keep your boots on the ground to get things done, is an amazing-growing-doing experience - literally life altering. I have examined and/or participated with some of the most prestigious self-help practitioners - none come even close to affecting me more than Anna's work. Ultimately, it is up to you to get what you want and/or destined to do with your life.  Anna, because of all that I downloaded from her, is my last stop. Working and learning with her personally or listening to the podcast and guided meditations presented all tools and orientations necessary to launch. Blessings Anna and to all who avail themselves of her offerings and guidance." Hamilton

 *  *  * 

"My sessions with Anna have been the centrepiece of the reclamation of the person I always knew I could be. Anna has a remarkable way of finding what you yourself can not find for yourself. At working out the deeper meaning behind the things you are doing, thinking and feeling so that you can learn the right tools to enact real meaningful change and move your life in a positive direction.  Through my sessions with Anna combined with using her meditation and journaling techniques daily, I have developed a deep understanding of myself that has helped me to banish my issues with anger, amongst other things, so that I can be a better father, husband, son and friend.  I am so grateful for everything I have learned from Anna and highly recommend her services for anyone seeking to improve themselves as a person, in whatever way that may be."  Peter

 *  *  *

"Anna is wonderful.…A great guide, she has an amazing insight into your needs and a way about her that she can get to the underlying issues, quickly and easily. I was reluctant at first to make a leap into such training and guidance. However, it is one of the most positive experiences I have ever done. Thank you Anna, it has been a real life changing experience." Bruce

 *  *  *

"Such an amazing journey… Anna is a remarkable coach and has assisted me in opening my mind to so many possibilities instead of just being. I have gained so much self-awareness and lifelong tools to use when facing life’s challenges. I thoroughly enjoyed every coaching session and loved seeing the results of my self-development. I now have a greater understanding of my unconscious mind and how it works and I also took pleasure in experiencing and learning more about the Quantum Field. I feel empowered now I have dealt with issues from the past that created blockages and negative beliefs and were unconsciously holding me back from moving forward. Anna is a very insightful and caring coach, she creates a safe supportive environment where you can open up about your greatest fears and she will help you dismantle them. I can’t thank her enough for all the insight she has shared with me." Sarah

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