Quantum Living® Personal Empowerment Program

This Program is delivered in two parts: (1) core Foundation and (2) optional Advanced.
The Foundation part is delivered in eight (8) consecutive weekly sessions 1.5 hr each over two months.

The Advanced part consists of four (4) additional weekly sessions which can be taken as a continuation / extension of the Foundation part, and involves an advanced quantum work. The Advanced part cannot be taken as a stand alone program or later than two (2) weeks after the end of the Foundation part.

All sessions are delivered online via Zoom. The Program is fully customised for each client to address the individual issues and objectives, and  create a unique, energetically aligned experience with the overarching focus on self-empowerment.  Due to the high degree of customisation, the Program price is determined at the Diagnostic session. An estimate can be provided prior to the session booking.

The Program's methodology is a unique blend of quantum coaching; counseling; spiritual counseling;Theta (transcendental) meditation; neuro-linguistic programming (NLP); energy healing; and the proprietary quantum protocols. Each client receives the relevant supporting material - various models, tools and strategies I have developed over the years, so there is a significant teaching component here as well. In  the Advanced part of the Program (where appropriate), we explore altered state of consciousness and quantum journeys of the soul to past lives, parallel lives and other worlds and realities.

My Quantum Living® Personal Empowerment Program is as psychological, spiritual and esoteric as it is educational and practical.

Whatever issues you may be struggling with - unhealthy relationships, persisting negative emotional patterns or anything else that stops you from achieving your highest potential in life - this Program will help you resolve them as it gets right to the bottom of all imbalance: the negative energy stuck in your body and your aura (your energy field) which sabotages your efforts to improve your life.  Again, the key outcome underpinning all granular transformation is self-empowerment.

1. A 45- min diagnostic session  (complimentary)
2. The client's commitment to eight weeks of engagement, as there is some homework to be done in-between sessions to maintain the momentum of change.

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