Instructional Theta Meditation Package

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Theta Meditation is a very deep, transcendental meditation that moves your awareness beyond the ego into an altered state of consciousness. It is the deepest mediation one can achieve.
This Instructional Theta Meditation Package includes a guided Theta meditation (mp3) and an Introduction Booklet (pdf).

Profoundly relaxing and superbly soothing, it is a unique, one of a kind resource that will help you achieve the elusive Theta state in your meditation. The audio will guide you with step by step instructions towards achieving this altered state of mind, giving you the clues what to watch for to determine when you are already in Theta. The Introduction Booklet gives you the background information and explains this process. It includes.a useful diagram of the human brainwaves and their correlation with the meditative state.

The Instructional Theta Meditation Package includes a guided audio Theta Meditation (mp3) and an Introduction booklet (pdf). 

Please read the Introduction Booklet before listening to this audio for the first time. It contains important information about this meditation and the process of achieving a Theta state. It also includes a diagram of the human brainwaves and their correlation with the meditative state.

Please note:
There are no binaural beats or subliminal messages in this meditation
-  Please listen to this meditation via headphones for maximum benefit
-  Please do not listen to this meditation while driving or operating heavy machinery

This product contains two files - please ensure you download them both to your device.
1. Introduction (8 pages, pdf)
Meditation  (33:31, mp3)

Written, spoken and produced by:  Anna Anderson
Published: 5 February 2021

ISBN:  978-0-6489276-1-7

All claims made by the Author in this publication about the health, healing and other benefits of Theta meditation are based on her personal knowledge, broad research and experience and are not intended as a scientific resource.  Results may vary depending on the user’s familiarity with the meditative practice and other individual factors. The Author shall not be liable for any undesirable consequences of the user's listening to the Instructional Theta Meditation or by adopting the practice put forth in this publication.

2021 © Anna Anderson . All rights reserved.

This audio recording is sold or gifted subject to the condition that it shall not be lent, resold, hired out or otherwise circulated in any form without without Anna Anderson’s (The Publisher and Copyright Owner) prior consent in writing. No part of this audio may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted in any form or by any means other than playing it from the buyer’s device without Anna Anderson’s prior written permission. If you wish to use this audio recording for any purpose other than your personal use, please contact Anna Anderson for permission and a license. For details please see our Terms of Use.

3 reviews for Instructional Theta Meditation Package

  1. Michelle Foster

    I am fairly new to meditation and Anna’s gentle soothing voice is so easy to listen to. This one in particular guides you gently to where you feel safe, relaxed and blissful. She gently explains the processes without taking away from the depth of the experience. Thank you Anna.

  2. Ruben Madamba

    After listening to the podcast on the Instructional Theta Meditation, I purchased the package and was not disappointed! The guided meditation put me in a very relaxed state and in a peaceful place where stress just melted away. I also felt the energy as I expanded my awareness of my surroundings. Anna’s voice and instructions were so soothing to listen to. I highly recommend it to anyone interested in furthering their spiritual journey.

  3. joshua

    Prepare yourself to smile and say “Wow, wonderful, now I want more please” after listening to Anna’s Theta Meditation. The interplay between her gentle guidance and time to do your ‘own work’ (supporting sound tracts get high marks on their own) is superb. I have coupled this recent one with her past Quantum Meditation Guides and feel am part of an ecosystem fostering confidence in a process toward attaining that which I truly desire.

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