Theta Meditation Teaching Session

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$99.00 AUD

In this one hour, comprehensive, live, personalised 1-1 online session you will learn how to effortlessly achieve a transcendental Theta state in your meditation.

It includes a bonus – free download of the Instructional Theta Meditation Package.

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Would you like to learn how to meditate in Theta?
That’s how yogis and Buddhist monks have been meditating for thousands of years.
This type of meditation is also called transcendental meditation, as in this state you transcend your ego and your physicality, experiencing the Creation as pure consciousness. It is the deepest meditative state one can have.

For more information please visit About Theta Meditation and refer to the diagram Human Brainwaves and their Correlation to the Meditative State.

 One Hour 1-1 Theta Meditation Teaching Session includes:

  • Initial consultation to identify your level of meditation experience and any blockages you may have
  • Introduction and overview of Theta Meditation
  • Two (2) live Guided Theta Meditations 12 min each with personalised instructions
  • Debrief with tailored recommendations for further practice
  • A free download of the Instructional Theta Meditation Package (valued at $29.99 AUD)

Please note: This is a LIVE session. The session recording is not available.

Sessions are delivered online at the mutually convenient time.

Once you have made the payment, please contact us quoting your receipt number to book your session.

You will then receive a promo code for the free download of the Instructional Theta Meditation Package.

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1 review for Theta Meditation Teaching Session

  1. Gary S.

    I highly reccomend the Theta Meditation Teaching session. Anna, does a great job of making sure you understand what exactly is the Theta state and how to relax and get into Theta. If your having problems recogizing or wondering if you are “doing it right”. This is the session for you.

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