Quantum Healing -Theta Meditation

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Theta Meditation is a very deep, transcendental meditation that moves your awareness beyond the ego into an altered state of consciousness. It is the deepest meditative state one can achieve.

“Quantum Healing” Theta Meditation will take you on an amazing journey of self-discovery. It will guide you through the profound healing process at the energy level that combines the intrinsic healing properties of the Theta state, the power of intention manifesting changes at the physical level, and a unique process of ‘firing up the chakras’ which rebalances the flow of energy through the seven energy centres (chakras) and their position within the aura.

The Quantum Healing Theta Meditation consists of two audio files: Introduction (Part 1) and Guided Meditation (Part 1). Please listen to the Introduction before your first meditation as it contains some important information and guidance for you. I recommend listening to this meditation daily for 21 days for best results.

If you don’t believe in the healing by thought alone – there is a reason why you were drawn to this meditation.  I ask you to suspend this belief and simply immerse yourself in the experience, allow it and see what happens. You won’t be disappointed.

Please note:
–  There are no binaural beats or subliminal messages in this meditation
–  Please listen to this meditation via headphones for maximum benefit
–  Please do not listen to this meditation while driving or operating heavy machinery

Written, spoken and produced by:  Anna Anderson
Music: Purple Planet (www.purple-planet.com)

Length: Part 1 – Introduction: 6:41;   Part 2 – Meditation: 33:33
Publisher:  Anna Anderson

ISBN:  978-0-6489276-0-0

The healing results of this meditation are not guaranteed as they depend solely on the user’s engagement with the process. I make no claim that this meditation has any medicinal properties that will cure you of all illness. If you suffer from any physical or mental health issues, always seek advice from your health practitioner.

2021 ©  Anna Anderson. All rights reserved.

This audio recording is sold or gifted subject to the condition that it shall not be lent, resold, hired out or otherwise circulated in any form without without Anna Anderson’s (The Publisher and Copyright Owner) prior consent in writing. No part of this audio may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted in any form or by any means other than playing it from the buyer’s device without Anna Anderson’s prior written permission. If you wish to use this audio recording for any purpose other than your personal use, please contact Anna Anderson for permission and a license. For details please see our Terms of Use.

1 review for Quantum Healing -Theta Meditation

  1. Vitomir M.

    I bought the meditation as soon it was available, because I got the feeling it was something I needed at the moment. The feeling didn’t fool me, my meditations took on another dimension.
    The meditation contains two parts. At the beginning it is necessary to listen to the first part, which contains instructions.
    On my first meditation, as I performed it lying down, I fell asleep after five minutes, also on the second and I’m sure the reason is the beautiful backing music and Anna’s soothing voice. Then I started meditating in a sitting position and it was fine. Since I am not familiar working with chakras, which need to be energized during meditation, Anna provided me with more detailed instructions with picture and links to podcasts about chakras. After that, my meditation was more intense every day, deeper and I occasionally had the feeling that electricity was going through my body. According to the instructions, it is necessary to meditate every day for 21 days, I just have finished that.
    For now, I feel wonderful, healthy, full of energy. I keep meditating and I can’t wait what else it will bring me next.
    I highly recommend buying a meditation, it is superbly composed and guided and the price is low, for the benefits you get.

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