Healing Your Relationships – Theta Meditation

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Theta Meditation is a very deep, transcendental meditation that moves your awareness beyond the ego into an altered state of consciousness. It is the deepest meditative state one can achieve.

“Healing Your Relationships” Theta Meditation is a powerful, deeply relaxing, guided meditation that will gently take you into the Theta state. In this state, merged with the Quantum Field, you can work with energy to heal your relationships – romantic, family, business and friendships – which are painful and not working well. Your intention will imprint your unconscious mind that will guide you towards the outcome you want.

“Healing Your Relationships” is a powerful, deeply relaxing, guided meditation that will gently take you into the Theta state where you can heal your relationships at the energy level, with the outcomes manifesting in your reality for the benefit of everhyone involved. 

Please note:
–  There are no binaural beats or subliminal messages in this meditation

–  Please listen to this meditation via headphones for maximum benefit
–  Please do not listen to this meditation while driving or operating heavy machinery

Written, spoken and produced by:  Anna Anderson
Length: 29’36”
Music: enlightenedaudio.com, freemusicpublicdomain.com

2021 ©  Anna Anderson. All rights reserved.

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