Cosmology Album | Guided Theta Meditations

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The Cosmology Album contains three guided theta meditations:
I. Abundance
II. Soul Journey
III. Healing

These meditations are specifically designed to induce an altered state of consciousness – a deep Theta state in which you are guided through some profound experiences. Each one is a unique blend of guided meditation and spiritual (channelled) guidance with something useful to learn, offering a unique and profound experience.

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The Cosmology Album contains three guided Theta meditations:

I. Abundance  (19'15")
A deeply relaxing guided meditation that will take you on a sacred journey of understanding and connecting with the energy of abundance. In a deep Theta state, you will connect with The 7 Keys to manifesting abundance, including money, in your life.  You will also experience the energetic activation and reprogramming of your Cosmic Matrix for abundance.

II. Soul Journey
A profoundly relaxing guided meditation that will guide you through the soul journeys in a deep Theta state:
The Grand Journey of your soul's existence as a holographic fragment of The Creator that you can learn about from your Higher Guidance; and The Exploration Journey to other dimensions, lifetimes and realities where you can experience your consciousness living there in other forms.

III. Healing  (19'15")
A deeply relaxing guided meditation that will take you on a profound healing journey, revealing the cause of all illness and explaining how the healing process works in the Quantum Field. In a deep Theta state, you will be guided to activate the healing at the quantum emotional and quantum physical levels of any energetic disturbances in your body created by your negative thoughts and emotions.  An amazing and empowering experience. 

All meditations in this Album are produced in a unique style inducing and enhancing a deep Theta state - a transcendental meditative state with the brainwaves slowed down to 4-8 Hz. In this altered state of consciousness we have access to our unconscious mind which we can reprogram with our intention. As we are aligned with the frequency of the Quantum Field we can explore other dimensions and realities, and gain valuable insight and information which we will retain in our conscious mind.

These meditations contain spiritual guidance received from the higher levels of consciousness and are imprinted with their energy.

The Cosmology meditations are VERY different from my older meditations, as they are the next level, dare I say, in a class of their own. A unique blend of guided meditation and spiritual (channelled) guidance with something useful to learn. A unique and profound experience.

The pre-launch independent reviews were VERY positive. If you love my older meditations - you will be thrilled with Cosmology!

Please note that the older meditations will soon be retired and removed from the store.

Please note:
-  There are no binaural beats or subliminal messages in this meditation

-  Please listen to this meditation via headphones for maximum benefit and best experience
-  Please do not listen to this meditation while driving or operating heavy machinery

These meditations are also available for purchase individually.

Written, spoken and produced by:  Anna Anderson

No specific physical or spiritual outcomes from this meditation are guaranteed as they depend solely on the user’s engagement with the meditation process.

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3 reviews for Cosmology Album | Guided Theta Meditations

  1. Courtney G.

    Such beautiful and soothing meditations…I’ve never been put into a peaceful state faster! Also deep wisdom embedded within them that’s soulful and inspiring. Anna has out done herself with these. Highly recommended!

  2. Joshua

    The Cosmology Album is a sheer tour-de-force in understanding and participation in the Quantum Universe. It is absolutely extraordinary how Anna synthesizes key elements of Quantum experience, knowledge and meditations taking the listener to new realms of understanding themselves. I have never read, seen or experienced so much discovery and opportunities for application in just 3 meditations of 20 minutes each. Nothing is left out; it is all here – health, wealth and introspections of your souls orientation. If you already meditate, then get ready to take off down numerous roads of your internal journeys. Recommend Very highly.

  3. Vitomir

    I bought a set of meditations a month ago and have been using them ever since. Meditations are useful, short and effective. I have used Anna’s Theta meditations before, but these are different. In addition to leading you to the theta state in a short time, they also explain and teach you. It is good if you already have experience with meditation, but it is not necessary, because with regular practice, you quickly become familiar with the technique. Anna’s meditations and of course her educational podcasts have become part of my daily routine. In one word, I can only say, superb.

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