Quantum Living®
At the Intersection of Science & Spirituality

Producer, Host and Post-Production:  Anna Anderson

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Welcome to Quantum Living®  - An engaging, thought-provoking and empowering podcast with inspirations, information and insights on how to live a happy life in sync with the Universe at the intersection of science and spirituality. 

A mix of solo episodes and guest interviews, the podcast aims to share what I have learned over the years in this sacred space and bring you inspiring conversations with my guests who will also share their insight and expertise.

The podcast’s mission is to explore the sacred alchemy of physics and metaphysics, science and spirituality, mind-body and spirit which together give us The Holy Grail of Life on the physical plane, revealing the truths we all want to know: Who am I? Why am I here? What life is all about? How can I live my life to realise my highest potential with fulfillment, prosperity and joy?  How can I manifest what I want?  All we need to do is to connect the dots.

It also covers topics on health, fulfillment and prosperity – the practical aspects of our life we can improve by living consciously, from the heart and through the quantum lenses.

As always - enjoy and please share!  And if you love it, please post a review on Apple Podcasts or Spotify to encourage others to listen to it and spread the word! Thanks 🙂

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Season 4

Ep 7 - Sound Healing with Biofield Tuning - with Eileen McKusik   (upcoming)
Ep 6 - The Amazing Benefits of Water Fasting - with Dr Alan Goldhamer  (upcoming)
Ep 5 - The Secret Question
Ep 4 - Healing Through The Quantum Field  - with Julie Ryan 
Ep 3 - Is Consciousness All That Is? -  with Dr Eben Alexander 
Ep 2 - A Matter of Time 
Ep 1 - Step Into Your Power

"Each new episode is a surprise and joy to listen to! interviews are very interesting, great subjects discussed ......love it!"

"I so enjoy this podcast - her ideas, meditations and voice. She is magical."

"The is one of the best shows on quantum reality, spirituality, personal development and self empowerment that I have listened to in a long time! Anna is deeply wise and intuitive, and I feel empowered and uplifted each time I listen. Her meditations are some of the best as well--so relaxing and I feel that I'm reprogramming my brain and nervous system for more happiness and peace each time I listen. Thank you Anna!"

"Thank you Anna for providing such a beautiful show. I love your energy and the variety of concepts. You bring a lot of practical tools in these deep esoteric concepts. We need more shows like this! Thank you for all you do!"

"How glad I am that I stumbled across Anna’s podcast. Incredibly interesting guests. Anna’s style of interviewing is very relaxed and comfortable and she asks the hard questions- the ones we all wonder about but not game to ask. Her meditations take you to a blissful place too."

"Quantum Living is a wonderful podcast with many interesting guests. Anna is an impressive interviewer with an unique ability to evoke the best from her guests. She has a compelling and relaxing voice that makes the podcast inviting to listen to. Thank you Anna!"

"Anna's podcast has been a great listen, and all of her guests have been fantastic! A must listen!"

"I just found this podcast and I love it already. Anna's voice is soothing and I love her perspective."

Season 3

Ep 13 - The Science & Spirit of Astrology
Ep 12 - The Journey of The Heart
Ep 11 - The Akashic Records of Soul Journeys
Ep 10 - Making Money is Easier Than You Think
Ep 9 - Near Death Experience - A Karmic Reset
Ep 8 - Altered States of Consciousness (P2)
Ep 7 - Altered States of Consciousness (P1)
Ep 6 - The Mystery of Ayahuasca
Ep 5 - Holistc Self-Care
Ep 4 - Celtic Mysticism
Ep 3 - Mind Your Subconscious
Ep 2 - The Art & Craft of Divination
Ep 1 - The Field of Dreams

Season 2

Ep 16 - Metaphysics 101
Ep 15 - Beyond The Rabbit Hole
Ep 14 - Down The Rabbit Hole
Ep 13 - Shamanism in a Quantum World
Ep 12 - Channelling Ascended Masters
Ep 11 - Sound Healing Journeys
Ep 10 - Quantum Human Design
Ep 9 - Witchcraft & Magick: A Quantum Conversation
Ep 8 - Transcending The Soul Shadow
Ep 7 - Horse Magic
Ep 6 - Feng Shui Your Life
Ep 5 - Intuitive Reiki Healing
Ep 4 - Not available
Ep 3 - Energy Medicine for the Mind, Body & Spirit
Ep 2 -Dare to be Divine
Ep 1 - Not available

Season 1 

PLEASE NOTE:  These interview episodes are no longer available for download through the RSS feed.
They are now available for purchase as Podcast Bundle 13 on this website.
The Product page includes the full description of each episode.

Ep 53 - Reaching Out to The Other Side (P2)
Ep 52 - Reaching Out to The Other Side (P1)
Ep 51 -  Quantum Consciousness: Journey Through Other Realities (P2)
Ep 50 - Quantum Consciousness: Journey Through Other Realities (P1)
Ep 45 - Lifting the Psychic Veil
Ep 37 - The Art of Witch
Ep 36 - The Flower of Heaven
Ep 34 - The Power of Blessing (P2)
Ep 33 - The Power of Blessing (P1)
Ep 31 - Psychic Talk (P2)
Ep 30 - Psychic Talk (P1)
Ep 23 - Sound Healing (P2)
Ep 22 - Sound Healing (P1)


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