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A thought-provoking, inspiring and entertaining podcast with information and insights on how to live in sync with the Universe at the intersection of science and spirituality. It promotes the principles of Quantum Living® through reflective commentaries, interviews, stories, guided meditations and coaching minis. A modern New Age show with a twist. Hosted by Anna Anderson, Quantum Coach.

You will find here a range of topics from energy healing, psychic abilities and witchcraft to managing stress, healing emotional addictions and the power of intention and thoughts.

Quantum Living® is about understanding how life works at the energy (quantum) level and how we can work with this energy to navigate through life consciously rather than on automatic, driven by our unconscious programs and habits.  It's about being "street-smart", self-aware, empowered and free, learning the secrets of the ancient knowledge now confirmed by science.  It's about discovering how powerful we are and reclaiming this power as our birthright.

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The views and opinions expressed in this Podcast are based on the Host's and her Guests' personal knowledge, beliefs, wisdom, insight and experience – unless they are referenced. Please take from this show only what resonates with you and always discuss with your healthcare practitioner any advice regarding the physical and mental health and wellbeing you have found on this show.


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  1. I am so grateful to Anna for all of her inspiring words and peaceful guidance. Every podcast is full of the most interesting information that seems to come from a place of joy and love.

    When she speaks, all of the distractions just fade away and I melt into her voice, there is something subliminal about the way she speaks, her energy and her pure intentions.

    Thank you again Anna, looking forward to your online workshops being released and possibly meeting you in person one day!

    Love and light,

  2. Thank you so much Judiet for your beautiful thoughts…I’m thrilled to know that my podcast has been not only enjoyable to listen to but also has helped you on your life’s journey…
    With Love and Light

  3. Dear Anna,
    I found the two podcasts with Victoria Cochrane so inspirational particularly to where I am in my life right now. Victoria has done healings for my family and myself for a number of years now, but its amazing how much about her actual journey I did not know.
    In Part !, I thought the explanations of Channelling was extremely informative.and it was good to be reminded of the negative function of the ego!
    In Part 2, whilst there are so many messages here my overall message is about embracing the unkonwn. I thought the fluctuation between the different planes was clear which I did not realise! I thought the story of Elira was so special and what a great gift to be able to have. I wanted to add that i love the way the music on the pod cast and will look into inspirational music by purple planet music.

  4. Thank you Salote. It’s so good to know that you have found this podcast to be both enjoyable and helpful. My best wishes for your healing journey!. Anna

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