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This podcast will take you on a journey into the Unknown which is the very essence of who we truly are as multi-dimensional spiritual beings.  This is the next level of Quantum Living at the intersection of science and spirituality, stepping up from the introduction and practical applications into the unlimited Quantum Field of knowledge and wisdom that will expand your horizons of what is possible and raise the frequency of your Being.

The Season 2 podcast is still a mix of solo episodes and interviews, yet with more interviews than in Season 1 as I want to bring you conversations with experts - practitioners of alternative, energy based healing modalities from reiki, acupuncture and herbs; sound and colour healing; aromatherapy and crystal healing; to remote healing by thought.

I will also invite guests who have the knowledge and skills in the so-called psychic phenomena – psychic claires, mediumship and other; as well as the acclaimed spiritual and esoteric masters and teachers from across the world who can talk about reincarnation, parallel universes, soul journey and The Creator of All That Is.

In my solo episodes, I will continue sharing with you my practical and spiritual insights into the nature of things...  everything and anything I will be inspired to talk about...

This show will inform, inspire and empower you with the high frequencies of love, peace and truth, lifting the veil off other dimensions, other realms and realities to enrich your understanding of who you really are and make the unknown a part of your life.

Please join me.

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"I am so grateful to Anna for all of her inspiring words and peaceful guidance. Every podcast is full of the most interesting information that seems to come from a place of joy and love. When she speaks, all of the distractions just fade away and I melt into her voice, there is something subliminal about the way she speaks, her energy and her pure intentions"

"I so enjoy this podcast - her ideas, meditations and voice. She is magical".

"This is one of the best shows on quantum reality, spirituality, personal development and self empowerment I have listened to in a long time! Anna is deeply wise and intuitive, and I feel empowered and uplifted each time I listen. Her  meditations are some of the best as well - so relaxing and I feel I'm reprogramming my brain and nervous system for more happiness and peace each time I listen. Thank you Anna!"


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The views and opinions expressed in this Podcast are based on the Host's and her Guests' personal knowledge, beliefs, wisdom, insight and experience – unless they are referenced. Please take from this show only what resonates with you and always discuss with your healthcare practitioner any advice regarding the physical and mental health and wellbeing you have found in this show.


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