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A Hack to Happiness & Success


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If you are looking for a podcast that will inform, entertain, educate, relax, inspire and intrigue; something unusual, cutting-edge, thought-provoking and enticing – you have come to the right place…

You will find here inspirations, information and insights on how to live a happy and fulfilling life in sync with the Universe at the intersection of science and spirituality. You will learn the principles of Quantum Living® from my guided meditations, reflective commentaries, interviews, stories, and coaching minis. The format is varied and flexible, to best suit the topic.

This Podcast draws on the few decades of my research and study in the personal and spiritual development space, mysticism and years of coaching and counselling people around the world.  It encapsulates my knowledge, experience, insights and wisdom I have accumulated over the years.  It is a diary of my never-ending quest to figure out How Life Works. My guests have something important and inspiring to share with you.

What is Quantum Living®? And why is it a hack to happiness & success?

Quantum Living® means living by the universal laws. Over the past decades, quantum physics has validated many ancient spiritual teachings on the nature of our reality and how Life really works.  By doing so, it has bridged science and spirituality.

Everything is energy. We are all connected.  We create our life experiences with our thoughts and emotions literally, at the quantum level, which manifest in our reality by slowing down their vibrations. When we learn, understand and apply these (and many other) principles – the state of good health, happiness, abundance and success becomes a natural way of living.

So please join me in my honest and engaging interviews and commentaries about life, the Universe, mysticism,  emotional addictions, interpersonal communication, health and wellbeing, spirituality, relationships, suicide, self-sabotage, limiting beliefs and fears, creating personal reality, Theta meditation, mastering change, reducing stress and so much more…

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The views and opinions on various issues expressed by my guests and me in this Podcast are based on our personal knowledge, beliefs, wisdom, insight and experience – unless they are referenced. Please take from this show only what resonates with you; and always do your own research and discuss with your healthcare practitioners any advice regarding the physical and mental wellbeing you have found in this show.


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