Instructional Theta Meditation  (fully revised)

   Written, spoken and produced by: Anna Anderson
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   Length: 30'35"

   Music: “Enlighten Me” by Christopher Lloyd Clarke (


This guided meditation will teach you step by step how to consciously lower your brainwaves down to the optimal frequency of Theta in your meditation.

Why meditate in Theta?

Theta brainwaves are the most conducive to meditation, taking you to a very deep level in your meditative state.  While we are in Theta briefly at least twice a day, just before falling asleep and as we are waking up, it is not easy to slow down your brainwaves all the way to Theta at will.  In response to many enquiries from people about the technique and process of achieving a Theta state in meditation, I have produced the Instructional Theta Meditation based on my own experience and practice.

Theta  is the ultimate meditative state as it comes very close to the frequency of the Quantum Field where you are merging with the Cosmic Matrix. While in it, you are aware of your two realities: the physical and the non-physical, which overlap in your consciousness in the most delicious way.  In this deep meditative state you can heal your mind and body, visualise and create your future, receive guidance and insights, and completely rejuvenate, as 20 minutes will refresh you as much as eight hours of sleep.

This state is the doorway from the physical plane to other dimensions as your awareness is suspended between the two realities. It is your internal communication channel with your Higher Self and, ultimately, it leads to a deeper understanding of who you really are beyond the shell of your physical body. It is also a state of hypnosis and self-hypnosis. The extra cream on the cake is that the sensation of being in Theta feels so good  that….you just don’t want to come out of it!  But of course, you can and always do. It's impossible to describe this state any better - you just have to experience it yourself....

This Instructional Theta Meditation will:

  • Teach you the specific techniques that slow your brainwaves down to Theta
  • Describe the signs indicating that you are in Theta to look for as the guideposts that you are on the right path
  • Guide you and support you throughout the entire process
  • Profoundly relax your mind and body

Once you have mastered this process, you will be able to apply it in ANY meditation you choose to listen to, or do it in silence.

To learn more about the benefits of meditating in Theta and listen to the short version of this meditation, please download my Quantum Living Podcast episodes "Theta Meditation: The Ultimate Game Changer" Part 1 and Part 2.

PLEASE NOTE:  This meditation will induce a very deep altered state of consciousness similar to hypnosis.  Please do NOT listen to this audio while driving.


This meditation instruction is based on my own research and years of personal experience.  It does not guarantee to produce any specific changes in the body and does not claim to have any specific healing properties.  Its short-term and long-term effectiveness and tangible outcomes depend solely on the level, frequency, duration and quality of the listener’s engagement with this meditation process.

Please note: there are no subliminal messages or binaural sounds embedded in this audio recording.

“Enlighten Me” by Christopher Lloyd Clarke

Copyright & License

© 2017 by Anna Anderson.  All rights reserved. No part of this audio recording may be reproduced, disseminated or broadcast in any form without Anna Anderson’s written permission.

Allied Health & Alternative Therapies Practitioners:  If you’d like to play this audio in your meditation classes or for your clients please contact me to obtain the public performance licence.




  1. This is a wonderful meditation to help train your mind to drop into the theta state. Being new to what I call real meditation, this tool really gave me a jumpstart to recognizing and being able to sustain the theta state. If your trying to achieve the theta state you should really give this a shot…it worked for me.

    • Thank you Tim…I’m thrilled that you found this meditation useful in achieving and maintaining the Theta state. This comes with practice and you have achieved it very quickly indeed..well done!

    • Thank you Tim. I’m thrilled that you like my Theta meditation and found it really helpful in achieving the Theta state. This comes with often a long practice yet your results are very quick:-)



    • Hi Turki
      yes, my Theta meditation will work for you as it will guide you step by step through the visualisation process. The clarity of your vision is not that important – it is the intention and understanding of the process, and following the instructions that will help you achieve the Theta state. If you have more questions, please feel free to send me an email.

  3. I was absolutely blown away by this audio when I listened to it. Anna’s voice is so soothing and the recording so professionally instructed, that it is effortless to ‘get in state’ and to start immediately experiencing the wonders of the Theta frequency!

    Listening to this audio will without doubt become part of my morning ritual going forward and I am grateful to you Anna for providing us all with such value in creating it.

    I am pleased to say that I have also embarked upon Anna’s Quantum Living programme. The first session was earlier today and quite frankly I find myself invigorated by the entire thing!

    Anna is so easy to connect with – it is like I have known her all my life, yet we only met earlier this week!

    A well know saying states ‘When the student is ready, the Teacher will appear’. Well that is precisely the opportunity the Universe has blessed me with in recent days and I intend to seize it with open arms an open mind, and more importantly, an open heart.

    Thank you so much Anna! I cannot wait until the next session!

  4. Thank you Peter very much for your kind words. I’m thrilled that you like my Theta meditation and find it helpful on your journey – which has just begun!
    It is an absolute pleasure working with you in my Quantum Living Program, and given your enthusiasm I can’t wait to see the outcomes at the end! 🙂

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