Healing Relationships
Joint Program (with both partners)

In this powerful, 4-session Joint Program I will help you heal your close relationships – with your partner and family members - by exploring them from the quantum perspective, giving you the understanding, insight and many practical tools you need to take your relationship to a higher level.

This Program will be an eye opening as to why your relationship is not working, it's difficult or even dysfunctional, fleshing out and showing you exactly the underlying issues. Then, I will guide you through the healing process and adopting a new way of relationship building with your loved one with often miraculous results, and will teach you the tools and strategies based on my relationship model I have developed over the years of successfully using it with many clients.
I utilise my professional communication and coaching & counselling expertise, as well as proprietary quantum protocols in this unique Program, leaving no stone unturned to transform your unhealthy relationship.

This Program involves both partners as you can’t resolve relationship issues unilaterally – it is a two-way street.  For this Program to be successful and transformational, it is imperative that each person genuinely commits to improving the relationship, rather than passively agrees to participate.

This Program includes:  Four x 1.5 hr sessions, email support between the sessions and a Follow Up session four weeks after the end of the Program.

Price: Please contact us

Some of the Outcomes You Can Expect From This Program*
 - increased awareness of your habitual patterns and unconscious programming
 - a profound understanding of your partner, increasing your connection
 - increased control of your emotions (Emotional Intelligence)
 - a pathway for building a healthy relationship
 - learning practical tools, techniques and strategies supporting the changes you are making

* results are not guaranteed and will vary for each individual

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