Finding Your Mojo
A Journey of Self-Discovery

Every person has something important to bring into this world as their Soul's contribution: from creating and raising children; teaching; helping others and saving lives through various emergency and assistance jobs; bringing to life artistic creations, inventions and innovations; to being the thought, community or spiritual leaders - and everything in between.

This intensive 3 hr session will help you gain clarity on what is your Soul Calling, your Life Task and your ideal career pathway. It will help you find your Mojo - your unique Essence and your Gift to the world that is waiting to be discovered and shared.

This session includes several elements of intellectual, emotional, experiential, psychological and spiritual enquiry and activities designed to work at both the conscious and unconscious levels supported by my Spiritual Guidance. It is powerful and effective.

If you feel that you are not on your Soul Pathway and feel an urge to find it - this session is for you.

Price: $399 AUD

Some of the Outcomes You Can Expect From This Session*
-  increased self-awareness and self-observation
 - deeper understanding of yourself
 - stronger connection with your Higher Self and spiritual guidance
 - finding your Mojo – your unique Gift for the world
 - a pathway for connecting with your Soul Calling

* results are not guaranteed and will vary for each individual

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