“Quantum Living ® –  The Secret Formula for Life Mastery” event is coming in 2020…

Some highlights of what you will learn and experience:

  • The key principles of quantum physics that confirm many spiritual laws and ancient knowledge about the nature of reality
  • A simple (and secret) formula which explains how we create our reality and what we need to do to change it
  • The amazing power of Theta brainwaves and Theta meditation in healing and accessing information from the Quantum Field
  • The power of blessing
  • The power of internal coherence
  • From energy to matter: the process of quantum manifestation
  • Healing emotional addictions
  • A powerful quantum protocol for healing relationships
  • And much more!

This interactive event includes:

  • Live, guided Theta Meditation (with Tibetan singing bowls) focused on healing
  • VIP group coaching session (limited number)
  • Special discount on the Quantum Living® Coaching Program
  • Great Door Prizes & Giveaways


  1. Hello Anna
    I am interested in learning more about your workshops in 2020. Especially a personal , not online offers.
    I live in Melbourne.

    With thanks
    Ravit Walys

    • Hello Ravit – thank you for your interest in my Quantum Living® workshops. I have added you to my growing list of interested participants and will notify you once the details are available. Happy New Year 2020 – it will be a HUGE year! Warm regards

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