What Does it Mean to be Free

What is freedom?

True freedom is not something defined by the parameters of external permissions. What you are allowed and not allowed to do. It is not confined within the boundaries of the social or cultural requirements, nor is it a subject to the human powerplay, even though at first glance you may think that it is so. It is not about the physical constraints, either. The only prison we can ever be locked in is within  the walls of our mind.

Freedom is a state of mind that comes from within. Whether we live imprisoned in the entanglements of our life or are free souls, free spirits, unencumbered or not - is for us to decide.

How does it feel to be FREE...empowering?... expansive….?  Limitless…?  Untouchable…?  A blissful state of joy just because you ARE….When you are truly FREE, your energy field expands to the point you feel one with the universe in a totally awakened state….your brainwaves are in Alpha…..everything is…effortless….your thinking is sharp..instantaneous ….and totally relaxed…..any constraints imposed on you don’t matter…..whether physical or emotional…as you KNOW that you have created them anyway to help you focus on the true essence of freedom which is only within yourself……push the boundaries of your energy field even further…. Until they disappear…..your past and future are simply the consequences of NOW…..you want to be free…you are free….at the core of your being…

Think about what is stopping you on your pathway through life, what holds you back, what slows you down, what prevents you from enjoying your living, from having this wonderful feeling of being boundary-less, totally non-dependent – and you will immediately see all the barriers that you have created, and the only barriers that you need to remove in order to be truly free. This realisation is an empowering experience helping you to transform your life.

Are you overweight? Do you suffer from an illness? Perhaps a chronic illness? Do you always worry what people think about you, say about you, whether they like you or not? Do you have any addictions? Alcohol? Drugs? Work? Gossip? Sex? Gambling? Coffee?  Online presence and activity?  If you do, you are not free. 

If you constantly worry about your looks, your social status, your past or your future – you are definitely not free. Do you have financial debts? Are you a slave to possessions and money? And what about your emotional addictions?  Look at what have imprisoned you and do something about it ,as appropriate for the circumstances. Restore the balance. Cut it off. Let go.

Clearly, there are issues and situations in our life that can be changed and there are those that can’t, at least not easily.  Freedom is not about breaking the law, my way or the highway attitude  or jumping from the 10th floor believing you can fly.

Acceptance of the circumstances beyond your control as your choice will set you free.

To learn and practice freedom, spend a month in an ashram, a retreat or some place where you can isolate yourself from the world and indulge in not having to please or be accepted by anyone. Live simply and purely, and savor life.  And when you come back to the civilization, perpetuate this non-dependence in your daily life; cut off the chains and shackles tying you down and let go..

Take steps to be fit and healthy, debt-free, worry-free, with no emotional baggage, no complaints.  Think of yourself as a mountain spring: crystal-clear, quick, shining, fresh, ever-present, fluid and constantly on the move. Think about the possibilities inherent in a spring. No mud, no heavy rocks, no sand to carry.  Just pure, translucent energy dancing on the mountain, sparkling and splashing on the bedrocks on its way down, an embodiment of happiness and heavenly delight.  An embodiment of freedom.

Look closely at what is holding you back and let go. Simply let go and be free. Examine your loyalties – political, religious...look at your values, beliefs and fears; your attachments to people and situations. What is holding you back, confines you and ties you down preventing the full expression of your human potential and your soul?  ’m not talking about breaking out of your commitments, relationships or tradition, but if you want them - own them as your choice.  

For as long as you feel they are imposed on you they will take away your freedom and imprison you. Explore the programing of your mind back in your childhood and even now - with the media, advertising, politics, money, power. Do you respond to the situations in life or do you react on automatic? Being free means to own your life and all experiences in it.  The moment you blame something or someone for what has occurred, you are not free.

Are you always pressed for time?...Rushing to meet deadlines…? Struggling to do something on time? Waiting for an event to happen?  Living in the future that never comes? Are you a slave of time?  That’s not freedom, you are not free.

We do have free will, as well as karma and destiny.

Destiny is a product of Free Will exercised by the Soul in Spirit between the incarnations.
Karma is a product of Free Will exercised by the human Ego during the incarnations.
Life is a function of Destiny, Karma and Free Will.

You can choose to be free or..not. Which state of being do you prefer?


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