The Day You Were Born

I’ve been thinking recently about how different people have a different attitude to work, and whether there is a way to predict it, without even knowing the person.

Astrology can tell us a lot about the key characteristics and tendencies of a person based on the date, time and place of birth.  Contrary to popular sceptics’ belief, the influence of the planetary positions at the moment of our birth has been already explained by science – quantum physics, to be exact. I won’t go into this in detail – suffice it to say that we are talking about  the energy influence, imprint and manipulation.

We all know about the zodiac signs and various numerological aspects of the blissful moment of our emergence from our mother’s womb into this world. But there is one particular aspect – not numerical – of our birth which hasn’t been extensively explored, and I realised that this is the answer I was looking for.

The day of the week. Why? How come the day of the week you were born can reveal your attitude – or at least predisposition for such an attitude -  to work? Again, it’s all about energy.  Humans like to organise their life in cycles, following the example of nature. We have seasons, years, months, weeks and days. Every cycle has its purpose, character and …energy.

A week consisting of seven (7) days with usually five (5) days or work and two (2) days of rest (weekend) has a strong connection  to our work – rest cycle. There are three distinct parts in our daily cycle – work, leisure and sleep.  We can’t avoid sleep – it’s not optional. Leisure is a personal or even private time – and so it is work and our attitude towards it that affects our life as well as other people around us most of all.

As per the Gregorian Calendar which most western countries follow – a week starts on Monday.  The International Organisation for Standardisation  (ISO)– has also proclaimed MONDAY as the first day of the week.  So we have five working days Monday to Friday followed by the weekend – Saturday and Sunday. Strangely, some people insist on splitting the weekend and start the week on Sunday ending it on Saturday, which is incorrect according to the common standards.

Each day of the week has a different energy and that energy imprints our psyche at the time of birth with the unique frequencies. Because, as I said earlier, the weekly cycle is most strongly linked with work, that’s where this energy imprint is mainly felt.

What is your attitude to work? Are you a high achiever, procrastinator or your own boss? This depends on the day you were born, as each day of the week has its unique energy.  A Monday-born person is very different from their Sunday-born co-worker, I can promise you that.

Find out what is your work attitude imprint and have fun!  If you don't know the day of the week you were born, you can look it up HERE

If you were born on Monday

You are a high achiever and like to be noticed at work. Great organiser, you excel at managing operations and multi-tasking. You tend to work late at night and happily bring work home to work on weekends. You prefer to stick to the same company rather than changing jobs. If you have your own business, it’s pretty solid and often inherited from your family members, usually but not always, your parents. Work is an important and integral part of your life. Your internal motto is:  “There is no time to waste, let’s get on with it”

If you were born on Tuesday

You are a natural procrastinator – and you know it. While capable and well educated or trained, you often get bored with the tasks at hand. You tend to change jobs more often than other people, looking for something that will spark your interest.  When you do – you are fully engaged and committed until… you get bored again. You dislike failure and find it difficult to recover from it. You have broad intellectual horizons and enjoy activities in an international area. You dislike change and yet you are craving and seeking it at the same time – an interesting paradox. Your internal motto is:  “No need to rush, tomorrow is another day”.

If you were born on Wednesday

You are a natural leader and like working with people in a managerial role. You tend to see the big picture with less attention to detail. You dislike mundane tasks which are piling on your desk not because you are a procrastinator, but because it is hard for you to put your mind to something that is not your top priority. You need an assistant or someone to delegate those tasks to, so that you can focus on their strategic planning and high level priorities. Your internal motto is: “If it’s not urgent and important, I can’t be bothered”.

If you were born on Thursday

You are a diligent worker, oriented to detail. You work hard to achieve the outcomes you want, and it is not unusual for you to have two or three jobs and multiple sources of income which keeps you very busy. This partially comes from your indecisiveness about your career direction and so you like to keep your fingers in more than one pie. Your short term focus is excellent, yet forward planning and decision making usually require some effort on your part. Always happy to give a helping hand to others, you enjoy both teaching and learning, and you are well liked in your work environment. Your internal motto is: “I’d rather do more than I need than not enough”.

If you were born on Friday

You seek pleasure in your work and like working in teams.  At times, you find it difficult to separate work from pleasure, including socialising. A big fan of office parties and celebrations even though deep down you are an introvert and don’t open up to people easily. You take great pride in your achievements and are very sensitive to even the slightest criticism. Feedback on you work is important to you so that you can relax with the job well done. You often have artistic talents which may be your source of income or just a hobby. You don’t like working on weekends unless you work for yourself or the job is something you really enjoy. Your internal motto is: “I did my best, I hope that’s good enough.”

If you were born on Saturday

You are committed to high quality outcomes, putting in long hours if needed – but only if you want to. You like working smart not hard, but you will hard if you feel it's worth it. You are a free spirit, your own boss, ideally running your own business or a company, working as a freelancer or on a casual basis. You don’t like being tied down or take instructions. You understand the nature of the paradox of working to live and living to work. Your income generating work must be what you love doing, otherwise you feel like a slave with your soul eroded. Your internal motto is: “I know what to do, and I’ll do it at my convenience".

If you were born on Sunday  

You have a laid back attitude to work and don’t really care much about it as you see your job mainly as a source of income. You are reliable and have high work standards, yet you often lack motivation to upskill or seek promotion, even when you are capable of working at a higher level. Procrastination is more your friend than enemy, as you use it as an excuse to stay in your comfort zone. You often have artistic talents which you don’t develop or pursue to the extent you could. You prefer working alone rather than in a team, but will contribute to the team’s effort, if required. Your internal motto is: “As long as the job pays the bills and I’m treated well – it’s ok”.

So if you are a procrastinator, like to be your boss or love office parties - now you know why 😉



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