How to Protect & Manage Your Bioenergy

What is bioenergy? It is the life force, the energy of the Quantum Field that carries information and is conscious. Your bioenergy is your consciousness, the consciousness of your soul in this incarnation. It has its own frequency signature which can and does change. Your bioenergy is different from mine and different from the bioenergy of the sea, a tree, a bird or a planet.

A defined bioenergy field that creates the physical body of a plant, animal or human, or even an ecosystem such as the forest, is the aura - which for humans, it extends about 3-6 feet from the body in all directions. However, our bioenergy extends well beyond the aura, as it is the energy containing our frequency signature flowing through the Universe.

It is important to understand the difference between the bioenergy which is your lifeforce, and the energy generated by your body cells through complex chemical reactions created primarily by the food you eat and exposure to the sun ( which creates Vitamin D in the body, for example).

Your bio-energy is the quantum energy of your soul. The Newtonian energy created in your cells is the energy of your body. They are linked yet not necessarily aligned. One can be high, the other can be low and vice versa. They also have different values. For example, a highly spiritual person with a high frequency bioenergy signature can be unwell and tired when their cellular energy production is insufficient or corrupted by an illness and their physical energy is low.

Since we are talking about quantum energy – let’s review some of the key principles of quantum physics which will help us understand bio-energy.

  • Everything is energy
  • Consciousness is non-local – it is everywhere – everything is connected
  • An observer affects the reality they are observing
  • Thoughts are electric, emotions are magnetic – together they form an electromagnetic field of information
  • Energy carries information as either a wave (potential) and/or particle (matter)

And now – the key principles of Quantum Living – which bring down these values to the practical level:

  • Our environment is an extension of our mind - Our thoughts and emotions create our personal reality
  • We continuously send out our energy signature (state of being) into to the quantum field, which attracts people and events that match its frequency
  • Imagination is more important than knowledge – whatever we imagine, comes into existence as a potential in the Quantum Field which can be manifested with intention by collapsing the wave of possibility into a particle of matter.

Energy and consciousness are the only two elements in the whole of Creation which create everything else. All energy carries information yet not all energy is conscious. Consciousness is energy which is self-aware and can change itself without any external influences, simply by deciding to do so. That’s the God Particle.

The types of energy we experience in the 3D reality are:

  1. Physical matter (lowest frequency of vibration)
  2. Sound (higher frequency of vibration)
  3. Visible light and other forms of radiation on the electromagnetic spectrum (higher still)
  4. Thought and emotion (very high)
  5. Consciousness (the highest frequency of God/The Creator)

So how do we process this bioenergy? We don’t create it; we receive it, manipulate it, change its frequency, use it and send it out. Our Aura contains it to an extent as it creates and sustains our physical body and our emotional states. We receive it at the moment of conception – it is the spark of the spirit, our soul that gives life to the physical body being created in the womb, and we release it at the time of our death, when it separates from the body and moves onto the other side, the next plane of existence leaving the body shell behind.  We enter this world as pure energy and we leave it as pure energy. Our physical body is also energy, just vibrating at a much slower frequency of matter. After death, it will decompose to dust or smoke and then back to the bioenergy of the Quantum Field.

Our personal energy field constantly exchanges energy – hence information – with the Quantum Field, receiving and sending it out. Because the aura creates our body and acts as the interface, if you like, between our body and the Quantum Field, we need to pay attention to the energy we receive as it is directly affecting us at many levels.

This includes:

  • Other people’s thoughts, emotions and words received directly or via the media, TV & internet
  • Energy we receive via our five senses: colours, images, sound, smell, taste, touch
  • Psychic energy such as precognition, visions, intuition, spirit presence (the sixth sense)
  • Food and all substances we put into our bodies
  • Electromagnetic energy emitted by various devices such as mobile phones

So, how can we manage and protect our bioenergy?  There are four easy steps to do that:

Learn to sense the bio-energy to be aware of it

Become sensitive to your bioenergy by frequently tuning into it – simply go to a quiet place, close your eyes, take a deep breath in and stay in silence, noticing what is happening around you and within your body. Of course, the best way to do it is in a meditative state, especially in a Theta (transcendental) meditation which I teach.

When you feel a sudden change in the pressure or temperature on your skin, or when you get goosebumps (as I always do) – that’s the bioenergy moving through you or around you. That’s how I feel the presence of a consciousness in spirit around me, for example, and also the movement of the bioenergy in my body during energy work.

Recognise and manage the bioenergy of your immediate environment

This includes your home, car and office, as well the people around you. Make sure your environment is clean, spacious and tidy, as dirt and clutter are huge energy drainers and blockers, lowering the frequency of your bio-field. Surround yourself with beauty and harmony which are uplifting – whether it’s a lovely décor, artwork or soothing music that resonates with your soul. Choose beauty and harmony over jarring and disturbing works of art, even if they are trendy. As often as you can, spend some time in nature – by the sea, river, forest or in the mountains.  Be conscious what food, and any substances, you are putting into your body. Alcohol, smoking and drugs have severe impact on your bioenergy, not just on your physical body, as they are in fact, damaging the auric field with their very low frequency causing tears that create energy leakage and remove protection from negative energies.

When you walk into a room or any location for the first time, tune into it and sense the quality of its energy – is it inviting or repelling? Does it bring up joy or fear in you?  If it’s repelling you with fear – you better leave quickly before the negative energy present there gets into your aura, a psychic vampire hooks onto it and starts feeding on your bio-energy or something bad happens.

Be conscious of the energy of the people you are coming in contact with. If you happen to work with people with mental disorders and low vibrations such as anger and violence, in clinics, hospitals or prisons -  you need to maintain your protective auric shield and cleanse your aura at least 3 times a day – which doesn’t take a lot of time.

Avoid psychic vampires – those who hook up to other people’s energy fields sucking up their energy. Avoid people suffering from depression – unless you work with them of course – and people with strong anger and violent behaviour. The energy of depression, which is very dense, grey energy can seep into your aura causing your emotional state to adopt it as your own, and soon you will start experiencing depressive moods for no reason. Angry, violent energy is destructive and cuts like a knife into your aura causing tears which then leak out your own positive energy.

Be careful about receiving massage and any other personal servicers that involve touching your body. Always go to reputable places such as spas or retreats, check the qualifications of your therapist, and as you enter the room for your treatment, ensure that they are in a calm, centred and positive mood as their bioenergy will affect you as much as the physical massage, if not more.

Manage the expenditure of your bio-energy

Be aware how much you give and how much you receive in your interactions with people. Be friendly and helpful but maintain healthy boundaries. Don’t spread yourself thin on many tasks and projects, as your bioenergy which follows your attention and focus, will be all over the place and that quickly creates an overwhelm and energy dissipation. Multi-tasking is a skill which requires solid management, if not mastery of your energy.

Avoid engaging in lengthy arguments and disputes, law suits, and meaningless conversations. Be mindful how much you are investing not just your physical energy but also your bioenergy in any involvement with people and activities.

Cleanse your auric field daily and maintain the protective shield

Finally, cleanse your auric field daily and maintain its protective shield. The best time to do this is in the evening, perhaps in a shower, as you are washing off the sweat and impurities of the day. In your mind’s eye, bring in a stream of pure, white light through your crown chakra and let it shower your entire aura  - which extends about 3-4 feet from your body in all directions – washing off all the negative energies and energy hooks that have attached to it during the day. After a few minutes when you feel this is done, stop the light shower and with your intention create a protective shield around your aura, like an eggshell.

Remember, everything is energy including your thoughts, and so your intention - while invisible - is the most powerful tool you have to manage and protect your bioenergy which needs to sustain you for life.



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