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Hello - I am Anna Anderson

I am a professional communicator -  Transformational Coach, Intuitive Counsellor, Theta Meditation Teacher, Trainer, Writer and Media Producer based in Melbourne, Australia.




On my life-long mission to figure out How Life (really) Works, I explore the fascinating dimension where science meets spirituality – an intersection that I believe holds the answer to this monumental question.

In my work with people, I have developed a unique methodology I call Quantum Living -  based on the principles of quantum physics, psychology, neuropsychology, neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), spirituality and a healthy lifestyle. I have found it to be a foolproof formula for creating a truly empowered life.



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My flagship Quantum Living Coaching Program has helped many people across the world find self-empowerment, release emotional blockages and transform their lives. The Program, customised for each client, is a blend of coaching, counselling, energy healing, meditation, intuitive counselling and educating.  This holistic and multi-dimensional approach produces tangible and usually permanent results.

I teach the principles of Quantum Living through one-on-one coaching, workshops, articles, my new Podcast and my own Quantum Meditations, including the first ever Instructional Theta Meditation 

My professional credentials include graduate and post-graduate degrees in communication and media production; accredited life coaching qualifications to the diploma level; accredited trainer's certification, as well as professional certifications in change management and NLP.

I work with clients in Melbourne, across Australia and internationally via Skype.

To find out more - please contact me.

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