Theta Meditation is a state of pure consciousness that observes WHAT IS with no thought or emotion
To become one with ALL THAT IS and replace beliefs and expectations with KNOWING
It is a surrender of the ego to the Divine within
So sweet...loving...forgiving...embracing...
It is our pathway to go HOME for a little while
Where we can remember who we really are
And how much we are LOVED

Meditation is the oldest spiritual practice of the humankind initially used to connect with The Spirit. Over the past 100 years or so, it has been progressively adopted as a modern spiritual and wellbeing practice, once its beneficial effects on our physical and mental well-being have been noted, documented and scientifically tested.

As we are now coming the full circle from the dogma of religion to material world back to spirituality as part of who we are, we increasingly recognise and embrace meditation as an important tool supporting our mind, body and spirit.

There are several types and categories of meditation that serve different purpose that can be grouped in the five main categories:

- Daydreaming third eye visualisation
- Mindfulness meditation heightened self-awareness & self-reflection
- Walking meditation focus on the body movement to empty the mind
- Focus meditation – being in the NOW using one’s breath or a mantra
- Transcendental meditation – a state of pure consciousness bypassing the ego and connecting with The Spirit

Some of the key short and long term physical and mental benefits of meditation are:

- Reduced stress, anxiety and depression
- Improved sleep
Eliminated or significantly reduced chronic pain
Strengthened immune system and increased protection against illness and disease
Improved resilience and self-esteem
Increased positive attitude and decreased negativity

Theta Meditation

I teach what I call Theta Meditation – which is actually transcendental meditation in that it transcends or bypasses the mind (ego).
I can’t use this trademarked term, but the experience and outcomes of Theta Meditation and TM® are exactly the same. I did however develop and teach my own techniques for achieving a Theta state

Theta Meditation quiets down the ego and brings us to the state of pure consciousness where we lose the awareness of our physical body, lose the awareness of space and time while being fully aware in a state of altered consciousness. This is the state between wakefulness and sleep – when our brainwaves are in the Theta frequency of 4-8 Hz. 

I could also call Theta Meditation a spiritual or ultimate meditation – as that’s what it is. I definitely call it The Game Changer.

Theta Meditation is the ultimate meditative practice that helps us achieve and maintain the elusive Theta brain frequency resulting in a very deep and most effective meditation one can have.

Our brain's electromagnetic frequency changes throughout the 24-hour cycle. From Delta (sleep) to Theta (between sleep and awakened state) to Alpha (relaxed) to Beta (fully alert) - and then as we are getting ready to go to sleep it slows down to Alpha then to Theta and Delta. The Theta state is between 4-8 Hz (cycles per second).  While it happens naturally twice a day, it is difficult to achieve it on demand (unless you know how), let alone maintain for several minutes.

Theta Meditation is particularly effective because of the amazing properties of the 8 Hz frequency.  In this deep meditative state your consciousness merges with the Quantum Field where your can heal your mind and body; visualise and create your future; reprogram your unconscious mind by replacing old habits with the new ones; receive guidance and insights from your Higher Self, other dimensions and spiritual realms; and completely rejuvenate as 20 minutes of this meditation can refresh you as much as eight hours of sleep. You can see the correlation of the brainwaves to the meditative state in my Diagram.

In a Theta state:
- You can walk on red hot coals without pain or blisters (fire walk)
You are highly impressionable - this state is used in hypnosis
Your creativity, intuition, extrasensory perception and psychic abilities are significantly heightened

The 8 Hz frequency

Why is the 8 Hz frequency so special?
There is a growing consensus in the western world that 8 Hz is the frequency of the Quantum Field; a secret password that removes the veil between the dimensions. This sacred and secret knowledge has been known to many ancient civilisations for thousands of years as they regularly engaged in shamanistic rituals designed to induce trance – effectively a Theta state – to connect with the Spirit and gain information and insights from other worlds.

- The “Heartbeat of the Earth”, known as Schumann Resonance, is at 7.83 Hz
The human DNA is said to pulsate at 8 Hz during replication
Quantum physics tells us that electrons oscillate (appear and disappear) between this dimension and the Quantum Field 7.8 times per second (7.8 Hz)
Healers slow down their brainwaves to 8 Hz and entrain their patient's brain with the same frequency to allow the healing
It is believed that the pineal gland – the door to our Divinity - pulsates eight times per second (8 Hz)

My Guided Theta Meditations

If you have been meditating for many years using various meditation techniques and have never achieved a Theta state  - I promise that you will know once you are there, as this experience is unmistakable. A number of people listening to one of my guided Theta Meditations experienced a transcendental, delicious Theta state for the very first time.

The following Guided Theta Meditations are currently available as mp3 downloads

Instructional Theta Meditation Package


Cosmology I - Abundance
Cosmology II - Soul Journey
Cosmology III - Healing

Please note - there are no binaural beats or subliminal messages in my Theta Meditations.
For maximum benefits and most blissful experience please listen via headphones.

Theta Meditation Teaching Session

I have recently launched a brand new product for those who prefer face to face (albeit virtual) learning - a 1-hour live online, 1-1 Theta Meditation Teaching Session. It is a comprehensive teaching module with consultation, instructions, overview of Theta Meditation, two training guided meditations and recommendations for further practice.  It includes a bonus - free download of the Instructional Theta Meditation Package which beautifully complements the live session. If you'd like to gift it to a loved one - gift vouchers are available.

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