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Meditation is one of the oldest spiritual practices people used to connect with The Spirit and their Higher Guidance. Over the past 100 years or so, meditation has been progressively adopted as a modern spiritual and wellbeing practice, once its beneficial effects on our physical and mental health have been noted, tested and verified.

As we are now coming the full circle from the dogma of religion to materialism and back to spirituality (at a higher level), we are increasingly recognising and embracing meditation as an important practice supporting our mind, body and soul.

There are several different types of meditation, each serving a different purpose, which I have grouped into five broad categories:

- Daydreaming – third eye visualisation (high Alpha brainwaves)
- Mindfulness meditation – heightened self-awareness and introspection (mid Alpha brainwaves)
- Walking meditation – focus on the body movement to empty your mind  (mid Alpha brainwaves)
- Focus meditation – being in the NOW using one’s breath or a mantra (low Alpha brainwaves)
- Transcendental meditation – a deep state of pure consciousness bypassing the ego and connecting with The Spirit (Theta brainwaves)

Some of the key physical and mental benefits of meditation are:

- Reduced stress, anxiety and depression
- Improved sleep
Eliminated or significantly reduced chronic pain
Strengthened immune system and protection against illness and disease
Improved resilience and self-esteem
Increased positive attitude and decreased negativity
- emotional balance and a sense of inner peace

Theta Meditation
Theta Meditation is the deepest meditative state in the category of transcendental meditation.

It is a state of altered consciousness; a portal to extra-sensory perception, experiences and insight through the activated pineal gland. It bypasses the conscious mind (ego) and brings up a sense of pure consciousness, being one with the Cosmos, with ALL THAT IS.  In this deep state we lose the awareness of our physical body, our identity, of space and time.

It is an elusive state which occurs naturally twice in the 24 hrs cycle between wakefulness and sleep, when the predominant brainwave frequency is between 4-8 Hz (Theta). 

Our brain's electromagnetic frequency changes throughout the 24-hour cycle. From Delta (sleep) to Theta (between sleep and awakened state) to Alpha (relaxed) to Beta (fully alert) - and then as we winding down for the day in bed, it slows down to Alpha then to Theta and finally Delta. You can see the correlation of the brainwaves to the meditative state in my Diagram.

While we are going through Theta naturally twice a day, it is difficult to achieve it on demand, let alone maintain for several minutes; however, this process can be learnt and mastered with few easy techniques.  Once we can maintain the Theta state for several minutes in meditation - that's where Magic begins.

I call Theta Meditation The Game Changer.

In this deep meditative state your consciousness merges with the Quantum Field where your can heal your mind and body; visualise and create your future; reprogram your unconscious mind by replacing old habits with the new ones; receive guidance and insights from your Higher Self, other dimensions and spiritual realms; and completely rejuvenate as 20 minutes of this meditation can refresh you as much as eight hours of sleep.

If you have been meditating for many years using various meditation techniques and have never achieved a Theta state  - I promise that you will know once you are there, as this experience is unmistakable. A number of people sitting in my guided meditations coming from an audio or in a class, experienced this transcendental, delicious Theta state for the very first time.

Theta Meditation is particularly effective because of the amazing properties of the 8 Hz frequency.at its higher end.

In a Theta state:
- You can walk on red hot coals without pain or blisters (fire walk)
- Your unconscious mind can be accessed and programmed - this state is used in hypnosis
- Your creativity, intuition, extrasensory perception and psychic abilities are significantly heightened

Why is the 8 Hz frequency so special?

There is a growing consensus that 8 Hz is the frequency of the Quantum Field; a secret password which removes the veil between the dimensions. This sacred and secret knowledge has been known to many ancient civilisations for thousands of years as they regularly engaged in shamanistic rituals designed to induce trance – effectively a Theta state – to connect with the Spirit and gain information and insights from other worlds.

- The “Heartbeat of the Earth”, known as the Schumann Resonance, is at 7.83 Hz
The human DNA is said to vibrate at 8 Hz during replication

- Quantum physics tells us that electrons oscillate (appear and disappear) between this dimension and the Quantum Field 7.8 times per second (7.8 Hz)
Healers slow down their brainwaves to 8 Hz and entrain their patient's brain with the same frequency to induce the healing

- It is believed that the pineal gland – the door to our Divinity - pulsates eight times per second (8 Hz)

My Guided Meditations
Cosmology Album - comprising three meditations: Abundance, Soul Journey and Healing  

Inspirational Meditations - A Set of Seven Daily Meditations   (also sell individually)
This type of meditation is not only deeply relaxing, but also inspires and invites introspection by highlighting some important aspects of our life as a human being and a soul. It is intended as a morning meditation to raise the listener's vibrations in a relaxed state, and set a strong, positive and uplifting energy for the day, supporting them on their personal journey. A powerful mantra included at the end of this meditation can be repeated throughout the day to reinforce those vibrations.

Dissolve -
A deeply relaxing meditation (helps with insomnia)

Please note - there are no binaural beats or subliminal messages in my meditations.
For maximum benefits and most blissful experience please listen to them via headphones.

What customers are saying:

"I absolutely love these meditations. I love that they are short, which makes them doable on a daily basis. You have included all that I want in a meditation- to relax, to connect with the Divine, to connect with my higher self through awareness of inner truths and finishing with a mantra. As well as a head to toe cleanse through the chakras". [Inspirational Meditations Album]
- Michelle

"Anna's new 10 minute morning meditations are brilliantly unique and designed for busy people like me! They are light, uplifting, relaxing and create a wonderful focus for the day. The daily messages are also important and relative to everyone, like remembering to love yourself and others and knowing your purpose - even if it hasn't surfaced yet - your inner being knows the way. If you are feeling overwhelmed or stressed, try these soothing daily meditations - they will help you to re-focus your energy for positive results". [Inspirational Meditations Album]
- Debra

"Once, again, Anna provides an insightful, spiritually inspiring, clear and deep path into your souls journey in the Quantum Field. I have found these short, daily meditations to be very helpful touchstones to her excellent body of previous meditation compilations. These daily moments of centering brings her other works into refreshing focus. Highly recommend adding this one to any collection of meditations!". [Inspirational Meditations Album]
- Joshua

"I am fairly new to meditation and Anna's gentle soothing voice is so easy to listen to. This one in particular guides you gently to where you feel safe, relaxed and blissful. She gently explains the processes without taking away from the depth of the experience. Thank you Anna".
- Michelle Foster

"Prepare yourself to smile and say "Wow, wonderful, now I want more please" after listening to Anna's Theta Meditation. The interplay between her gentle guidance and time to do your 'own work' (supporting sound tracts get high marks on their own) is superb. I have coupled this recent one with her past Quantum Meditation Guides and feel am part of an ecosystem fostering confidence in a process toward attaining that which I truly desire".
- Joshua

"Such beautiful and soothing meditations...I've never been put into a peaceful state faster! Also deep wisdom embedded within them that's soulful and inspiring. Anna has out done herself with these. Highly recommended!"
- Courtney G.

"The Cosmology Album is a sheer tour-de-force in understanding and participation in the Quantum Universe. It is absolutely extraordinary how Anna synthesizes key elements of Quantum experience, knowledge and meditations taking the listener to new realms of understanding themselves. I have never read, seen or experienced so much discovery and opportunities for application in just 3 meditations of 20 minutes each. Nothing is left out; it is all here - health, wealth and introspections of your souls orientation. If you already meditate, then get ready to take off down numerous roads of your internal journeys. Recommend Very highly".
- Joshua

 "Anna’s meditations and of course her educational podcasts have become part of my daily routine. In one word, I can only say, superb".
- Vitomir


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