Quantum Living® is a unique, cutting-edge and powerful approach to personal development designed by Anna Anderson  - Quantum Coach, Intuitive Counsellor and Theta Meditation Teacher based in Melbourne, Australia.




In her work, focused on the intersection of science and spirituality, Anna draws on her rich experience, expertise and passion for personal and spiritual development, her intuition and psychic insights as well as the work of many great teachers and thought leaders in this field.  Anna's pursuits include walk on fire; study and practice of Buddhism, energy healing, meditation, intuitive counselling, hypnosis, mysticism, ancient teachings, alternative therapies, psychology, neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) and the key principles of quantum physics. She has made it her life's quest to find out how Life really works.

Through her research, Anna has realised that this unique space – the intersection of science and spirituality –  is a powerful recipe for the conscious and empowered approach to life she has coined as “quantum living”.  She has adopted this concept as her brand and registered Quantum Living® as her trademark.

An expert in human behaviour, Anna has been working as an internationally accredited Life Coach with people around the world for many years.  A professional communicator, Anna holds graduate and post-graduate degrees in communication and is a certified NLP and Change Management Practitioner.  She is passionate about channelling her knowledge, wisdom and spiritual insights into practical strategies and advice to help people understand themselves and the nature of reality. 

In addition to personal coaching, Anna produces her powerful  Guided Theta Meditations, runs personal development workshops and courses, and hosts the Quantum Living® Podcast.

Anna works with people in Melbourne, across Australia and across the world.