Every person on this planet acts according to one of the two key emotional drivers: to move away from pain or to move towards pleasure.  We want to resolve our painful issues and then, once free from pain, we want to improve the quality of our life and experience comfort, fulfillment, happiness and joy.

There are many schools of thought, practices, teachings and modalities that can help us get there - yet we are often paralysed in our indecision which pathway to choose, torn between the rigor of science and the freedom of spiritual pursuits in our quest to create the life we desire that will fulfill our soul.

Luckily, there is a golden solution available to everyone - encompassing both science and spirituality in a practical and uplifting way I call Quantum Living®.

Quantum Living® is about understanding how life works at the energy (quantum) level and how we can work with this energy to navigate through life consciously rather than on automatic, driven by our unconscious programs and habits. It is about being 'street-smart', self-aware, self-empowered and free, learning the secrets of the ancient knowledge now confirmed by quantum physics, which gives us many practical tools and strategies we can use to improve our lives.

A mysterious dimension where intention creates reality. An intersection of science and spirituality where we are guided by our Soul to use the principles of quantum physics to understand who we truly are. It is about reclaiming the power we forgot we have.

My Quantum Living® professional practice is a holistic, personal transformation & spiritual healing space with Quantum Coaching,Theta meditations and a Podcast.

Quantum coaching is a relatively recent life coaching modality that goes beyond the psychology and neuropsychology, treating the client holistically in their broader environment. This term however, has many different meanings depending on the coaching model that is being used.

All my quantum programs are based on my own quantum coaching model which treats the client as a consciousness existing both on the physical and spiritual planes at the same time. My methodology draws on both science and metaphysics (spirituality) that converge at the intersection of Quantum Living®  where they are one and the same - that's why it is highly effective. I also work with people at the conscious (physical) and unconscious (spiritual) levels engaging both the ego and the unconscious mind.

A good example here is meditation - which is a spiritual practice at its core and origin, and is also a recognised and scientifically evidenced remedy improving a number of medical conditions. As such, it is a multi-dimensional tool: a quantum tool which I use extensively in my coaching programs.

Once you've embraced Quantum Living® -  your life will never be the same

My Quantum Living® coaching programs: Quantum Living® Personal Empowerment and Quantum Makeover™ For Busy Professionals (and other soon to be launched) are a unique blend of quantum coaching, counselling, spiritual counselling,Theta meditation, neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), energy healing and the proprietary quantum protocols. Each client receives the relevant supporting material  - various models, tools and strategies I have developed over the years, so there is a significant educational component here as well.

Whatever issues you may be struggling with - unhealthy relationships, persisting emotional patterns or anything else that stops you from achieving your highest potential in life - my Quantum Coaching program will help you resolve them as it gets right to the bottom of all imbalance: the negative energy stuck in your body and your aura (your energy field) which sabotages your efforts to improve your life.

The programs include my own guided theta meditations as well as my podcast and other material as the integral building blocks of the fully customised program design, giving each client a unique, energetically aligned, personalised experience at the intersection of science & spirituality.

To learn more, please contact me.


You are the creative thought behind your life experience

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