If You Are Seeking Professional Guidance on How to Shift Your Consciousness to a Higher Level
and Improve Your Life - You Have Come to the Right Place
There is no better and more rewarding way to live than QUANTUM LIVING®

Anna Anderson, the creator and founder of Quantum Living® is a highly experienced Quantum Teacher and Spiritual Guide, helping people find self-empowerment and emotional freedom since 2010 with her quantum programs at the intersection of science & spirituality. Together with her professional qualifications and training, Anna is utilising her unique gifts of highly developed intuition and psychic insights she receives through her 6th sense in her work with clients.

You Are The Creative Thought Behind Your Life Experience

From the Foundation to Advanced Programs, Choose What You Are Drawn To:

Quantum Shift Session
In this intensive Quantum Session I will help you identify any issues, questions and energy imbalances you have, offer immediate remedies and recommend the most suitable options for further personal & spiritual work.
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Healing Emotional Addictions
I will work with you in this powerful Quantum Program blending science & spirituality to identify and release the emotional addictions you have and replace them with positive habits.
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Quantum Shift Program
This is an advanced Program at the intersection of science & spirituality, designed to shift your frequency & awareness to a higher level of consciousness, greater understanding of Life and your Soul Journey.
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Healing Relationships
In this powerful, 4-session Joint Program I will help you heal your close relationship by exploring it from the quantum perspective, giving you the understanding, insights and many practical tools you need to take it to a higher level.
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Finding Your Mojo
This is an intensive 3 hr session that will help you gain clarity on what is your Soul Calling, your Life Task and your ideal career pathway. What is your Mojo - your unique essence and your Gift for the world that is waiting to be discovered and shared.
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What Generic Outcomes Can You Expect From Working With Anna?

  • increased self-awareness, self-knowledge and self-observation
  • self-empowerment and self-mastery
  • enhanced emotional intelligence and inner peace
  • greater resilience, self-confidence and self-esteem
  • greater clarity about your life purpose
  • reduced stress& learning stress management techniques
  • mastering a deep meditative state
  • strengthened connection with your Higher Self and Soul
  • a better understanding of the multi-dimensional nature of quantum reality we live in
  • learning the process and techniques to manifest reality with your intention and how to work with the Quantum Field
  • learning many practical tools, techniques and strategies supporting "the New You"



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An Engaging, Thought-Provoking, Inspiring and Empowering Podcast with Uncommon Conversations at the Intersection of Science & Spirituality
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I started my Quantum Living® Podcast in 2017 as an extension of my quantum teachings at the intersection of science & spirituality.

This show is truly for the Mind, Body and Soul. It is engaging, thought-provoking, inspirational and fun! It may also surprise or even shock you, as we venture into deep rabbit holes and out on a limb as far as we can.

It explores topics at the intersection of Science and Spirituality: from energy healing, psychic phenomena and soul journeys; to practical applications of ancient teachings; the nature of reality and the Universe - searching for answers to the key existential questions: Who Are We? and How Does Life Really Work? in a true style of “uncommon conversations”.

When You Raise The Frequency of Your Being You Change You Life

What Clients Are Saying:

"So much gratitude to you Anna for an amazing Mojo session!. I felt your kindness, clarity, incredible generosity and genuine wish for me to thrive. You helped me question a deeply held subconscious belief around it being impossible to complete my life mission and shift it with ease once it was brought to the surface with the gift of particular words I needed to hear. I feel more inspired than I have in a long time and feel that I can make life meaningful without feeling scattered or that I’m missing out".

"Everything Anna shared was spot on. She had insights on thoughts only shared with one other person. She understood and was fabulous at excavating more details and more truths. In the week since my session, even more clarity has come from her questions and my answers, as well as my path moving forward. Thank you Anna for reminding of what I already knew, but wasn’t trusting. The more I trust, the clearer it all becomes".

"Anna is a superb coach who blends compassion, wisdom, insight, and experience into a transformational experience for her clients. She holds both a wealth of experience and also profound intuitive abilities".

"Anna's extraordinary ability to guide your soul’s quest in the Universe and, at the same time, keep your boots on the ground to get things done, is an amazing-growing-doing experience - literally life altering. I have examined and/or participated with some of the most prestigious self-help practitioners - none come even close to affecting me more than Anna's work".

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